Understand the Cost of Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

Understand the Cost of Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

Looking for lean six sigma green belt certification costs in Pune? This article is meant to help you in that endeavor. Six sigma certification is very popular nowadays and everyone wants to get himself a six sigma green belt certification for his or her career. However, there are many institutes that charge their certified training program fees and then fail to deliver the end result to their students.

Let me tell you what six sigma is all about and the various benefits of it over traditional management. Six sigma is a form of quantitative management. The main aim of six sigma is to reduce the defects in the process and overall productiveness of the organization. Lean manufacturing is the main tool of six sigma and it uses different types of management styles. The principles of lean manufacturing are based on the belief that human involvement reduces the amount of error and can increase the productivity of the firm in a short period of time. If you are looking for a six sigma green belt course in Pune, then I would suggest that you should take my six sigma certification course.

This course is offered by Ruparel Group of Institutions (RGI). You can find more than twenty-Six Sigma companies across the United States that are offering this course. In addition, you can also find many institutes in Pune that offer this course. When you decide to choose any Six Sigma courses, it is always better to check if they have a faculty that has the expertise and experience to deliver the curriculum that is taught to their students. In this case, the institute you choose must be a member of The Association for the Accreditation of Training Schools and Colleges (TAAC).

Most of the Six Sigma training courses cost in excess of thousands of dollars. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to do a Green Belt Six Sigma Training to reap the maximum benefits from Six Sigma. The certification course will cost you less than four thousand dollars. In addition to the cost, there are many other benefits of selecting this course. Most of these benefits are provided as part of the incentive package that is offered to the six sigma trained employees.

Apart from the cost, the institute that you select should be a Six Sigma certified institution. The Six Sigma Black Belt and the Master Black Belt level should also be present at the institute. This will ensure that the Six Sigma trained employee will have all the qualifications to deliver quality output. In order to check whether the institute meets all these criteria or not, you can contact the Human Resource Department of the company that is offering the course.

The advantage of getting a green belt certification with six sigma is that you will get a lot of training and practical work experience. This will be useful in your job application process. If you select the right company, you should be able to find a supervisor who will be willing to mentor you. With proper supervision, you will have all the training that you require to qualify for the job.

The other option of getting a lean six sigma green belt certification is to get the training on your own. There are many institutes that offer courses in lean six sigma online. However, you should make sure that the company offering the online course is genuine. The certification will help you improve your skills and knowledge but without the necessary training, your knowledge will be useless.

In conclusion, a lean six sigma green belt certification is beneficial not only for an individual but also for a company. It will help you get recognized as an expert in your field. You should bear in mind that this certification does not come cheap. You should expect to pay around $3000 to get the course from a reputed institute in lean six sigma programs.

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