Is There Really Such a Thing As Six Sigma Certification For Military Personnel?

Is There Really Such a Thing As Six Sigma Certification For Military Personnel?

Many people ask if they can get six sigma certifications for military members. The short answer is “probably not”. There are a few exceptions to this general rule, but in general the Six Sigma Process does not apply to the military. There are several reasons why the six sigma certifications may not be applicable to military members; here are the answers to those questions.

First, the Six Sigma Process was developed for the manufacturing industry. It works well for that environment, but it is a different animal altogether when military personnel come into the picture. Six sigma programs for the commercial field focus on waste elimination, rather than improving the process that lowers costs or quality. This means that the training courses offered do not apply directly to the process of eliminating waste, as they should.

Second, because of course design limitations, six sigma certification for military members does not incorporate processes that are relevant to their career goals. While waste management is important, most military members are not concerned with eliminating high-end materials and functionality at the same time. They are interested in reducing cost, which is why the six sigma process was developed in the first place. In that vein, the process may not be applicable to military members.

Finally, there is no specific course designed for military use, and it’s unlikely that there will be a course specifically tailored to their needs. In short, six sigma for military use deals with waste reduction through a common methodology, which does not require anything more than the tools necessary to execute the process. In comparison, training is needed to understand how to measure the results of those efforts, which is somewhat different than the common waste reduction methodology that is used in industries. Therefore, it is doubtful that six sigma certifications for military members will provide any added benefit beyond learning how to reduce waste.

So, what should a military member do if six sigma certifications for him or her is not available? That’s a question with two answers. The first answer is that six sigma certification is a waste of time and money. The second answer is that military members should focus on how best to improve their performance. That requires more than six sigma training.

Obviously, a trained individual with knowledge of six sigma principles will have a distinct advantage when working in the field. That doesn’t mean that six sigma training alone is worthless. It does, however, require that an individual have specific skill sets to help them perform in their role. That means that military members should concentrate on learning how to identify high-level waste before joining the ranks and then focus on ways in which to reduce that waste once in the field.

Of course, they can also choose to receive six sigma training from the very beginning. That would be the best choice for those who want to succeed in the military. However, military members who know how to use six sigma principles and do so well in their current careers can get to the point where they need six sigma certifications. The sooner they get it, the better.

There are many programs out there designed to help individuals become certified in six sigma techniques. They can be obtained through online courses or through specially designed military schools. Many offer six sigma certifications for military members at affordable prices. That makes six sigma certifications for military members something to seriously consider.

Another consideration is whether or not a person has already received formal training elsewhere. While some businesses take employees through training that culminates in six sigma certification, it might be possible to do that without taking additional courses. It might even be possible to take the entire course online, saving money and time. However, if a person already knows how to use some of the tools of the process and has experience using the process outside of the military, getting six sigma certifications for him or her may make more sense.

In addition, some companies do provide online training that can be tailored to meet the needs of military personnel. Much of this training comes from past experiences and current industry standards. It is designed to help employees learn to do things more efficiently. It can also help make them more effective leaders.

Those interested in getting six sigma certification should consider whether their career path will be helped by it. Those who are in the military should look to their past experiences as a way to decide whether six sigma training is right for them. Those with manufacturing careers should consider whether their employers require such training. Those with financial careers should consider whether the financial benefits of Six Sigma will be worth the additional training costs. Those with law enforcement careers should ask whether the training would help in their line of work. Those with public safety positions should ask whether there will be enough demand for six sigma certifications in their line of work before deciding whether it is beneficial to pursue such certification.

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