Importance of Six Sigma Training in Pakistan

Importance of Six Sigma Training in Pakistan

A six sigma certification is a proof that a Black Belt has completed the course and successfully completed all the six sigma courses successfully. In Pakistan, six sigma certification is also known as Six Sigma International or SISIC. This certification is also internationally recognized. International companies prefer six sigma trained employees to ensure smooth running of their business.

I have seen many employees in the private sector who are eager to complete six sigma training in Pakistan. The reason behind this is that six sigma trained employees are capable of performing various Six Sigma tasks easily. This helps them to perform the task within a short time. In short, six sigma training increases the productivity and profit margin of any business.

Businessmen from all over the world seek six sigma trained employees for their companies. In other words, six sigma certification is one of the most sought after jobs in the private sector in Pakistan. The six sigma trained employees earn a six sigma green belt certification and become an expert. They can work at different levels in any organization. They can be part of the management team of a company or a staff member.

I have heard many success stories of six sigma trained employees. They started their career with the customer support department of a call centre in Pakistan. They soon became very popular. Their efficiency and quickness helped the company to reduce its average call centre employee strength by about a third. Another famous six sigma trained employee was responsible for creating the concept of Six Sigma tools. After that he worked with a construction company and then became the manager of a whole project.

He was so efficient that he was declared the person who improved the profitability of the company by making things run more efficiently. That was the time when six sigma certification became necessary for six sigma trained personnel in Pakistan. Nowadays six sigma certification is also required of all those persons who are working on projects for offshore clients in Asia. There are many multinational companies operating in Pakistan and also from across the world. Some of them require six sigma trained staff for managing projects running onshore.

This makes it very easy for six sigma certified staff to migrate and work for any company in the country. There are companies which provide six sigma training for those who wish to take up six sigma training. The training is provided both online and classroom style. Online education is more popular as it is easier to manage finances.

However, there are some disadvantages of six sigma certifications. The first drawback is that six sigma trained personnel cannot get another job without their previous six sigma certification. The second is that the six sigma trained staff cannot directly deal with the customers. But this can be modified by getting six sigma courses in workshops or conferences to learn the skills needed by employees. Besides this six sigma training is quite expensive, which is one of the reasons why it is not widely adopted.

Some six sigma companies have started to offer six sigma training for non-six sigma trained staff. This is an initiative taken by six sigma certified employees who wish to work on projects for offshore clients. The employees can easily get six sigma certifications by attending six sigma training classes. If you wish to learn more about this particular process you can contact any of the professionals at any of the six sigma training centers in Pakistan. Alternatively you can visit the six sigma official websites of respective six sigma centers.

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