Why an Accredited Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Is Important

Why an Accredited Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Is Important

When I first heard about the Six Sigma Green Belt Certification, I was curious to know what it consisted of. From reading online and watching online videos, I quickly figured out that Six Sigma is an organizational performance improvement methodology that focuses on eliminating defects in the process rather than creating a perfect product or service. If you are looking to become certified as a Six Sigma Green Belt, you must successfully complete at least one year of a full-time Six Sigma course or, as is the standard, two years of an associate’s degree program, plus an additional year of supervised apprenticeship. This will earn you your Six Sigma Green Belt certification.

With the increased interest in Six Sigma, Green Belt certification is now not only popular but necessary for employment. You can find a number of job openings for Green Belts in the fields of warehouses, retail stores, call centers and even government agencies. These organizations understand the benefits of employing those with Six Sigma Training. Six Sigma is a proven management strategy that helps improve productivity and lower costs. Reducing costs and increasing profits go hand-in-hand.

Accredited Six Sigma Green Belt certification proves that you have completed the necessary training and have been thoroughly tested on a variety of process improvement methods. Green Belts are required to complete both on the job training and classroom instruction provided by the Six Sigma Black Belt Organization. Green Belts also are required to take a final exam to become certified. This certification can be useful for those who want to join an organization that specializes in Six Sigma. In addition, it proves that you understand the overall concepts and the implementation process of Six Sigma.

Green Belts can gain a variety of benefits by becoming certified. The most obvious is gaining access to higher-level positions within the company they are employed with. This is important if they are working in accounting, human resources or management. Six Sigma experts are required to be involved in every step of the process. Being able to implement Six Sigma processes in every aspect of an organization is essential if companies are to successfully implement Six Sigma throughout their operations. This allows for efficiency and cost reduction.

More importantly, though, Green Belts gains the credibility that they need to compete in the marketplace. Six Sigma certification is a measurement of quality, and consumers have become attuned to this concept. Organizations with certification will appear more professional and be viewed as more reputable.

The tools and strategies taught in Six Sigma classes are designed to increase productivity and reduce expenses. However, there is always more that can be done to improve any process. Companies are constantly seeking ways to make the process better. People like yourself are willing to invest in making things better. This investment pays off, because you will see your organization improve in so many areas including product quality, service and profitability.

There are a number of different options for obtaining certification. Green Belts who is certifying take a comprehensive exam that covers all of the material covered in the Six Sigma training. There are also a variety of online classes you can take. Before you make your decision, it is important to consider your learning style and what would be best for you personally. Online courses are great if you are unable to attend a regular classroom course.

Ultimately, your lifestyle and schedule must be considered before you decide on a Six Sigma Green Belt Certification. If you have enough time and resources, an online Six Sigma Green Belt Certification would be a perfect choice for you. However, if you do not have the time or resources to commit to a course, an on-site course is highly recommended. You will get the same information and guidance with the added benefit of an instructor with Six Sigma credentials.

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