Which is Best, Black Belt or Green Belt Six Sigma Certification?

Which is Best, Black Belt or Green Belt Six Sigma Certification?

If you‘re involved in the Six Sigma Process, you have probably heard about the difference between Black Belts and Six sigma Green Belts. The Black Belt is actually a level assigned to employees in the Six Sigma Green Belt Certification program who are already certified. Green Belts is those who have yet to earn their six sigma black belt certification. They are trained on a lower level than Black Belts, but have already earned the black belt.

So what is the difference between these two different levels of Six Sigma? In order for your business to be successful and be recognized by the likes of Jacque Fresco and others, you need to work with Six sigma green belts and six sigma black belts alike. Without proper training, you run the risk of having your project’s red flagged by management as not being in line with company goals and objectives. And this could lead to your being terminated.

What is the Six Sigma Certification process? This process requires that companies have an objective and predefined set of goals. Green Belts is then trained on how to assist Green Belts in achieving those goals. Then they become certified by passing the second level of Six Sigma Green Belt Certification. Six Sigma Black Belts, on the other hand, is trained on a lower level than Green Belts. The Six Sigma Black Belt certification requires that the person complete a course of study as well as pass an exam before becoming certified.

So which is best? It depends upon which type of Six Sigma you are working with. Black Belts will help your company make the most of Six Sigma and improve productivity while Green Belts is designed for those new to Six Sigma or are looking to enhance their knowledge of the method. There are benefits to both types of Six Sigma Certification. Before making a decision about which Six Sigma is best for your company, you must first determine what kind of Six Sigma Green Belt you need and which level of Six Sigma Black Belt you are currently working at.

Which is better, Green Belt or Black Belt? Green Belts is excellent trainingeters of Six Sigma. However, they are not capable of instructing others properly, which is why companies usually prefer using Black Belts. If you are an employee and you decide that you want a higher level of Six Sigma certification, you can always consult your human resources department or take a look at your company’s corporate strategy to see what kind of employees will be best suited for which level of certification.

What is the most important advantage of Green Belt six sigma certification? The main advantage is the quick nature with which it can be earned. Unlike Black Belt six sigma certification, Green Belt training does not need students to attend any specific classes. In fact, employees can earn their six sigma green belt’s online within a few months of employment!

Will Yellow Belt six sigma certification be more valuable to me in the long run? Typically, Yellow Belts are employed by smaller companies that have less than a hundred employees. However, if your company has more than fifty employees, a Green Belt is likely a more worthwhile investment because it costs less and takes longer to receive certification.

Which is best, Black Belt or Green Belt six sigma certification? This is a tough question. If you want to be sure that you are getting the most from Six Sigma and your career, you should go for Green Belt six sigma certification. However, if you want to take advantage of the quick training and certification process that make Green Belt six sigma so desirable, Black Belt certification might be a better option for you. Both Six Sigma Black Belts and Green Belts will give you the knowledge that you need to succeed in the business world, but choosing between these two groups of Six Sigma experts could be a matter of preference.

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