What Is Lean Six Sigma Certification?

What Is Lean Six Sigma Certification?

What is Lean Six Sigma? This is actually an integrated management approach that focuses on six core processes – production, service, distribution, infrastructure and customer. In other words, what is Lean? This is a disciplined approach that enables a business to align resources with customer requirements and that therefore enables businesses to realize extraordinary results. The certification process, therefore, is aimed at imparting knowledge on six sigma technology and application to management staff in order to enable them to deliver better quality and efficiency at the business organization.

What is Lean? Lean means “this”, which in this case is getting things done “right” – i.e. in the most cost-effective and efficient manner possible. It is a methodology which defines how to reduce wastes, hence improve quality and value. A system of customer-centric design, Lean Six Sigma combines quantitative techniques with creative approaches to eliminate problems and increase efficiencies in a business.

What is Lean Six Sigma Certification? There are many organizations and training centers offering Lean Six Sigma certifications. You need to evaluate your needs and determine your aptitude for the course of training. Once you have decided what level of expertise you possess, find out what level of certification your business requires. The training normally takes two to three weeks.

Why should you get what is lean six sigma certifications? Six Sigma is applicable not only to manufacturing alone but also to any other type of business, be it commercial or for-profit. Thus, there is a growing demand for individuals wanting to join the bandwagon and get certified. Most companies offer six sigma courses on a part time basis. Some companies go a step further and offer a full-time course of study.

Who can take up the lean six sigma certifications? This course can be taken by those who are already working in the field. Employees of major corporations learn Lean Six Sigma techniques as a part of their normal job responsibilities. Those who are fresh out of college and are seeking a career change may take up lean six sigma certifications as well. There are also a lot of professionals who do not want to work within a specific industry. Thus, they seek this training because they believe that the techniques can be useful to them in any other endeavor.

Why should you consider getting a certification? First of all, you will gain valuable information regarding processes which can be very helpful to your business. Secondly, you will be able to understand the current issues facing your business and the ways in which your competitors are dealing with similar issues. Thirdly, you will get an in depth understanding of the Six Sigma management approach and its advantages over the conventional management styles.

What do you need for this training? Lean Six Sigma certification involves a set number of classes that you can take as frequently as you want. The classes cover the theoretical aspects as well as practical aspects of the methodology. The theoretical aspect covers subjects like quality management, human resources, product knowledge, and so on. On the other hand, the practical sessions take up the aspects related to the identification of problems, improvement of quality measures, deployment of new resources, and so on.

Who can do a lean certification? A company which has an accurate understanding of Lean principles can certify its employees. Also, contractors and suppliers can do it as well. In order to become certified, you need to pass an exam given by a valid and recognized organization.

How long do you need for this certification? Usually, you need around 200 hours of training for one course. This is a lot of time and can make it hard for people to dedicate to it fully. However, if you have a large business and you want to ensure that your employees work efficiently, using a Lean Six Sigma strategy can do a lot to help you out. You will not only be able to gain profit and revenue, but you will also be able to boost your reputation in the business and increase the loyalty of your employees.

Who is certified in this method? Lean Six Sigma certification is designed for full-fledged workers. However, there are some employees who have taken the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course and so do not work in the actual business. However, there are also many who have successfully completed the course and are working in the industry. Thus, there are certain organizations and businesses that allow holders of this certification to work for them.

When should you look into getting this certification? A person can gain it in his/her career right after graduating from a program. If you are interested in starting your own business, gaining this certification will allow you to do your job better and ensure that your business runs smoothly. Lean Six Sigma Certification will benefit a person when he/she starts a new or grows a business.

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