What is it and Who Benefits From It?

What is it and Who Benefits From It?

What is it and why is it important to have a lean six sigma green belt certification? Lean Six Sigma is a management strategy that enables businesses to achieve positive and steady progress toward their business goals. Six Sigma is a process that helps make the most of the information that is available and ensures that it is used in a strategic manner by getting rid of waste and unimportant items in an order to maximize productivity. With the application of this process, a business can expect its profit margins to go up, customer satisfaction to go up, and its bottom line to go up. Having a lean Six Sigma certification can be the key to getting all of these things happening for your organization.

A green belt in six sigma is someone who has completed the training requirements for this certification. Green belts in six sigma perform the following functions: analyze data, formulate a strategy, measure the results, and report the results. They are usually project managers or consultants. A person with a lean six sigma certification can work in many different capacities in an organization and is considered to be an asset because they are able to provide a high level of expertise and can help provide direction when times become difficult or there is turmoil within an organization. Six Sigma Certification also demonstrates a person’s capabilities in statistical analysis.

There are many people today that want to get certified in lean six sigma. These people usually start out as consultant associates. When the consultant associates complete their coursework and pass the final exam, they will receive their lean six sigma green belt certification. This certification will enable them to jump into the workforce and begin helping other firms design and implement strategies for improvement in their business. Their certification will also allow them to jump right into a management role and do just that – manage. There is a great deal of responsibility that comes along with this certification, but it does not have to mean that a person’s career is over.

Lean Six Sigma is a complex program, and completing the training is no easy feat. It takes a person with the right attitude, the desire to succeed, and the proper tools to effectively learn the material. Once these tools are in place, a person can then go about creating a solid Six Sigma program by purchasing a Six Sigma Training Manual and doing the training themselves.

Once a person is certified, however, they may not find a job in the business world that needs their specific skills. This is where Green Belt Certification comes into play. Green Belts is trained in the Six Sigma program but not certified in the program. Their role is much more as a mentor and guide. They assist the certified person with any questions they may have regarding the program or its application in the workplace. The certification is meant to be a complement to the training and help a person to further understand the nuances of Six Sigma and its relevance to their particular industry.

The Green Belt certification also offers the added benefit of earning additional training on the program at a later date if they choose to do so. When a person first receives Six Sigma Green Belt training, they will need at least six months of training with no breaks in between. After this period of time, they can apply for an extension to their certification. During this time, they will have a better understanding of the materials and be able to apply them to the real world.

When applying for an extension of the Green Belt certification, a person must meet specific criteria. These criteria will be determined by the company that is offering the training. However, a person can earn the additional training by applying to other companies who offer it. The qualifications and requirements for each extension of the Six Sigma Green Belt program will be specific.

With any type of certification, there are many benefits that are offered. Most significantly, the Six Sigma Green Belt program will certify that a person has received the proper training and is able to contribute to the improvement of their organization. The majority of companies use Lean Six Sigma programs within their own ranks. This program is used by large corporations as well as small businesses, due to its success. Anyone who is interested in joining or expanding their company should consider obtaining lean six sigma certifications.

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