What Does it Take to Become a Six Sigma Authority?

What Does it Take to Become a Six Sigma Authority?

So you want to become a lean Six Sigma Certified? Then you’ve come to the right place. You see, there are two distinct bodies that process and administer these types of certification and accreditation. One is the Lean Enterprise Solutions Organization, better known as LEOS, and the other is the Lean Certification Board, also known as LDL. In this article, I’ll discuss how you can take your lean Six Sigma certification and actually make a difference in the business world.

There are many different organizations out there (some very well established and others not so much) that offer lean six sigma certifications. However, there are very few organizations out there who actually have the resources and the ability to administer such a comprehensive and rigorous certification program. That’s why it’s so important that you work with an organization like LDL if you want to become certified. It will allow you to present your ideas on an even playing field with those people who are much more experienced at making and implementing change. Also, it will help you in gaining greater respect and credibility in your industry.

As far as how to go about getting a six sigma green belt or certification, you have many options. You can get certification through an institution or through an individual improvement program. I think that it is imperative that you look into both options so that you can see what is best for you and your career and goals. It really doesn’t matter which option you choose as long as you understand the differences between each.

For instance, some of the institutions that offer lean six sigma green belts don’t actually require a classroom environment or classroom assignments. Instead, they look at it as a hands-on learning experience through an online course. While there are advantages and disadvantages to this method, I believe that it’s definitely an option to consider. Of course, you’ll need to make sure that you can keep up with the coursework at home.

Another option to consider is simply getting certified by another company. This might be an option for you if you have other interests besides lean Six Sigma. However, you’ll have to take the exam again regardless of whether or not you’re changing employers. This means that you need to devote the time to studying for it once you get certified. I’m just not convinced that this is a good option for you if your primary objective is to advance your career. Instead, I recommend that you look into earning your Six Sigma certification from an individual source.

If you decide that you’d like to be an authority in Lean Six Sigma, then you can actually do this on your own. There are several websites that allow you to become a Six Sigma Black Belt or Master Black Belt without gaining certification from any outside sources. This is definitely the quickest and easiest way possible to get certification. In fact, many people will do it this way before even getting their Master’s degree in the discipline. This can be especially convenient for people who might otherwise find it difficult to continue their education while working.

Once you get certified, though, you’ll probably run into some difficulties in terms of obtaining new job openings. You might be able to secure a promotion or hire staff members faster than if you were not certified, but what about future projects? It may seem like a good idea to become a Six Sigma consultant or member of a leadership team in the future, but you’ll have to take the whole certification process very seriously. After all, when you get certified, you become responsible for delivering quality Six Sigma projects every single day.

Just remember that getting certified does not mean that you become a Six Sigma leader. You still need to do your job as one and apply the principles and strategies that you have learned throughout your training period. If you do, you can become an authority in your own right and gain the respect and admiration of your employees and supervisors. Once you are the Six Sigma master, you can spread your wings and fly into the world of Six Sigma. There is certainly much to discover in this exciting field!

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