Taking the Villanova Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Exam

Taking the Villanova Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Exam

This article is a brief introduction of the Villanova Six Sigma Green Belt Certification. The certification proves to yourself or others that you are fully trained in all aspects of Six Sigma Green Belt Management. You will learn the important role that employees play in turning your project from “blue” to “green.” Through this certification, you will understand how critical customer service is and learn how it differs from the salesperson. The Six Sigma methodologies can be applied to your own business as well as external projects. Learn the key concepts, function, data flow and management models used by the leading Six Sigma firms.

Prior to taking the Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Exam, you must have taken the previous certified training course that focuses on a specific aspect of Six Sigma Methodology. This course, titled “Six Sigma black belt training: The Foundation Stone” will cover key topics such as data analysis, quality management, and other key components. After completing this training, you will need to take the final exam, also entitled “Six Sigma black belt certification: Basics.” This certification will prove that you have the knowledge necessary to work in the world of Six Sigma.

Once you have received your Six Sigma Green Belt Certification, you can apply for a job with a Six Sigma firm. Many companies prefer candidates who have completed the course and are already certified so they do not waste time training new employees. As an example, in this economy, companies are eager to make the most of every dollar. By requiring certification, they are decreasing the risk that new workers will be inadequately trained. By providing this certification early in your career, you have a competitive edge and may be able to achieve higher compensation in your next position.

There are several levels of Six Sigma Green Belt Certification. The first is the black belt, which is granted after four and a half years of study and consists of 101 class hours and three weeks of on-the-job training. Students must pass a comprehensive examination before they are awarded their six sigma green belt certification. The second level of Six Sigma certification requires eighty-five class hours and three weeks of training. Students must also pass an exam and obtain certification after this period of training has been completed.

The third level of certification, also known as diamond certification, requires one hundred and twenty-five class hours and three weeks of training. Students must also take an at-the-work test and pass a written exam before they become certified in this category. Students in this category must also complete two years of experience related to Six Sigma in the business or industry that they are applying to join. Students in the next category, the master Black Belt, are required to complete three years of training and receive their certification. Students in this category are also expected to take an at-the-work test and pass a written exam before they can become a black belt.

Once a person has received their certification, they will be able to apply it towards their management or executive role in any company that uses six sigma techniques. Training institutions that offer six sigma green belt certification will require all candidates to take an examination prior to enrolling. Applicants can take this exam at a distance from their own work location. The exams must be passed within a specific time frame in order to be valid. Students who successfully pass the exam will be issued a Six Sigma green belt certification card.

The certification exam can be extremely challenging for students who have not studied anything about the concepts nor have any working experience with Six Sigma. However, there are techniques that can help alleviate some of the problems that students may run into. Many Six Sigma green belt courses will provide students with books and DVDs that they can study at home with. Students will also be given access to online forums that they can join in on the exams. There are also online preparation classes that are available that will help students get ready for the certification exam.

If a student is still unsure about whether or not they should take the Six Sigma certification exam, then it is important to first look at the benefits that they will receive from it. The certification exam is a great investment for anyone wanting to advance their career or improve their job performance at their current job. When students complete the exam, they will prove to their supervisors and peers that they are dedicated to making the best quality products. This commitment will show in their work and in their performance. Anyone looking for a jump into the Six Sigma industry should definitely consider taking the certification exam. It is important to take the time to prepare for the exam so that you will not have to spend a lot of time just learning the information needed to pass.

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