Six Sigma Training in Kerala

Six Sigma Training in Kerala

Six Sigma Certification: Kerala is one of the countries which are implementing the Six Sigma methodology. Kerala is a beautiful state with lots of natural beauty. Due to all these, it has become the most preferred destination for getting trained in the Six Sigma methodology. If you are looking for six sigma certifications in Kerala then you can easily get it. In this article I am going to give more information about the process of getting six sigma certifications in Kerala.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training: A candidate is required to complete two years of six sigma green Belt training and then he or she can get certified. Two years training is more like a normal green belt course but when it comes to the hypothesis testing then they will be using lean Six Sigma methodologies. For the hypothesis testing a candidate uses the master’s thesis or the dissertation of the candidate. After the completion of the two year training then the candidates who are already working in the industry can apply for the six sigma project. They have to undergo the interview and if the selected candidate gets the interview then he or she can start with the six sigma project.

Black Belt Training: For the black belts there is no such requirement for the certification. The work that needs to be done for the black belts is same as that of the green belts. After the completion of the six sigma training then they have to take the black belt exam for getting the black belt qualification. They have to clear the mnemonic test and then the candidate can get the certification. Black Belts are not required for the project management projects. But they are required for the customer satisfaction projects.

DMAIC: The six sigma certification process is known as the dimensional management accountability and control. This methodology helps in the reduction of cost, while providing quality services and products to the customers. DMAIC stands for the Deming method which was invented by George Deming. DMAIC is a six sigma methodology, which was taught at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). DMAIC is a complete methodology which includes five major areas.

The first area is about knowledge creation. In this area the candidates will have to take up a six-month course in the kraal style. The candidates can enroll in any of the reputed six sigma training centers for getting the certification. When they get the certification then they can apply for the job in the reputed organizations in the Kerala and massagethershire.

The second area is about methodology and green belts. In this area the candidates will have to apply for the six sigma black belt test which is offered by the San Diego Academy. Green belts do not take the certification and can be trained on the jobsites by the experienced professionals. This is one of the most important areas in which you should devote your career when you get the certification.

The third area is about the tools and resources which will be used during the six sigma green exam. These resources and tools will help the students to answer the questions correctly. The six sigma black belt exam includes two parts which include a written exam and a black belt exam. When you pass both exams then you will get the green certification course which will make you qualified for the six sigma job.

The four areas in which the six sigma training is focused air quality improvement, the quality analysis process and the quality control. The quality improvement comprises of maintaining the customers happy and also improving the process and tools which are used for quality control. The six sigma black belts will get trained in the tools and methods for improving the quality of the products within the company. The six sigma black belts are taught how to work with the management and their teams to improve the processes and tools. Once you complete the six sigma course in Kerala you will become one of the certified black belts in the state and can easily get jobs in the manufacturing units as well as in the warehouses and other quality improvement centers.

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