Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification – Why the Cost Is Too High

Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification – Why the Cost Is Too High

The price of getting a lean six sigma master black belt certification is a lot lower than you might think. In fact, it could actually be cheaper than getting your Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification. That is because the certification process is so expensive to start with. Once you complete it and pass all of the exams, then the Black Belt certification costs about the same as it did before. So even if it does cost less to get your certification, you will save money on that cost if you take my Six Sigma Green Belt course instead.

When I started working at UPS, we used to bill our customers for our entire inventory and this would include any pallet size materials that they shipped us. It was a great expense, but one that we had to track on a weekly basis because there was no system in place for it. This made tracking everything very hard, especially when you added in shipping and handling. We would sell products that were out of stock and order more from our suppliers, but with the lean six sigma green belt methodology, we could tell right away which items were in stock and which ones were not.

So what did we do? We just followed the UPS guidelines for inventory and marked the items that were over stock and had to be ordered or returned back to the supplier. This way, we could just as easily have marked the items that we thought were not going to be sold. This saved us money and meant that we had to lean six sigma green belt jobs and Six Sigma projects running all the time. This saved our company a lot of money.

Another cost, we were able to control because of the lean Six Sigma green belt training was shipping. We did not buy a boat, truck, or trailer; we used a company fleet and used regular delivery services. The Six Sigma master Black Belt certified staff was trained to be aware of shipping costs and were even trained in how to drive cost savings in the direction of their customer.

The reason that this is so important to understand is because companies try to do too much with too little. They try to have too many employees without the resources to do their work, and they try to do too little with the same amount of resources. If they have too many employees without the right amount of tools, they will get very little done and if they have too few resources to do their work, they will get very little done. The lean six sigma green belt training taught us exactly how to do our job with Six Sigma tools and resources we already had at our fingertips.

When you are working on the black belt level, your job description is going to be a little different than a staff-level job description. This difference in the level of training and the resources available is what causes the price increase for the master level certification. There is no way around it. There are so many costs associated with your job, especially as an executive-level position with a company. The costs associated with shipping, wages, benefits, training, accounting, inventory, etc., are just a few examples. Therefore, you will definitely see a higher cost for certification.

However, if you are certified and your company uses Six Sigma, there is a huge saving in time and money. You will have the tools, training and resources that you need to do the job better than anyone else in your department. Additionally, you will be able to make your own decisions. Six Sigma only works when everyone is on the same page. When you are working at your own pace and creating your own goals, you will see the results and savings even more clearly. For the master level certification, this can translate into hundreds of dollars in savings per year.

In short, there is no reason to pay thousands of dollars for the lean six sigma certifications when you can get the same results at a much lower price. Take the time to find a reputable company that offers Six Sigma training and a master level certification at a reasonable price. You will be amazed at the difference in productivity and in the bottom line. It makes sense to work smarter and not harder!

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