Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Requirements

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Requirements

Six Sigma is a management strategy that has been around for over thirty years and continues to gain in popularity. Companies across the globe have been using this methodology as a way to improve their performance and increase profits over time. When you complete your Six Sigma Green Belt Certification, you are given a certificate indicating that you have completed the required training and can begin working at a company that uses this method of training. You will then be able to gain employment at six sigma trained companies or work with six sigma trained consultants. This certification will enable you to work effectively as an independent consultant, helping companies become more efficient and better able to serve their customers and provide them with high quality products and services.

There are a variety of options for obtaining your Six Sigma Green Belt Certification. These include attending classes on your own, taking an online course or attending an orientation workshop provided by your selected training provider. Each of these methods of learning will impart valuable information and assist in increasing your knowledge of the subject. However, it is imperative that you carefully choose the Six Sigma Training Provider that you choose to ensure that they are reputable and capable of delivering on the tasks at hand. The following are the basic Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Requirements:

Individuals are eligible to apply for certification after they have successfully completed at least one hundred hours of training. This training must include topics such as Six Sigma Team Building, Define and Measure Improvement, Design and Developing Processes, Learning and Growth and Project Delivery. The training requirements will vary based on the course provider. Some training providers require their students to complete a full year of training whereas others may only require students to complete half a year of training. If you are an individual who has completed this training and are now looking to complete Six Sigma qualifications, you will need to complete a minimum of 500 hours of training in order to meet the standard requirements.

Before you can be accepted into an approved Six Sigma training program, you will need to gain admission. Some training providers do not accept everyone regardless of the qualification or level of training. If you have questions regarding the requirements for entering their program, you should contact the training provider directly. Once you have been accepted into the training program, you will have the opportunity to participate in lectures, seminars and team building exercises. You will also be required to complete a hands-on project.

Each Six Sigma Green Belt course consists of thirteen lessons and students are not allowed to skip any of the lessons in the course. Students are expected to read all the materials and understand the concepts presented within the lesson. In addition, students must use in-class references and manuals when necessary. Additionally, they will be expected to write up a detailed report about their experiences during the Six Sigma training session. Students will then be given the opportunity to present their report at the end of the class or they may choose to submit their work in a document format online after the course has ended.

Six Sigma green belt certification is only awarded after a student successfully completes all thirteen classes. The process requires meticulous preparation and the ultimate result is a person who has completed all necessary training and has been awarded their certification. To be considered for certification, an individual must pass the exam given by the Six Sigma Black Belt Association. The exam is available online and applicants must login to take the exam once they have been approved for enrollment. Once the applicant passes the test, he or she will be given his or her certification.

Six Sigma certification is only awarded to those who passed the test and successfully completed the thirteen training sessions. There is no certification exam given for the program. Those who already have a Six Sigma Green Belt certification have the option to upgrade to become a Black Belt or Master Black Belt. There are also other certifications such as Master Black Belt that are based on different companies or organizations.

It is important to note that Six Sigma is a competitive program so those who decide to become certified must do so quickly. This is to ensure that they are able to effectively compete in the job market. These requirements will only be available to those who have completed an accredited training program with a reputable certification provider. Online courses can help individuals meet these qualifications. If you are interested in obtaining your Six Sigma Black Belt Certification, contact a reliable training provider today.

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