Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in Nigeria – A Nation Boosting Its Leadership Qualifications

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in Nigeria – A Nation Boosting Its Leadership Qualifications

This article looks at six sigma green belt certification in Nigeria and the challenges faced by the trained staff who are now leading the six sigma process development projects there. Nigeria is a major oil producing country in the world with a large refining capacity. Many multi-national corporations have set up manufacturing units in Nigeria to take advantage of its natural resources. The need for quality employees to staff these units is high, but there is a pool of unqualified employees available who lack proper six sigma green belt certification and training. These professionals are desperate to get into any of the multinational companies that are setting up operations in Nigeria and are willing to take my six sigma certification free of charge.

The government of Nigeria has a six sigma strategy that is being implemented and six sigma green belt certification is a critical element of this strategy. A large number of employees have been trained in the U.S. and in other first world countries. These employees do not have proper six sigma green belt certification and lack the skills and experience needed to be of assistance to the Nigerian projects. Many of these employees have actually become recruits of these multinational companies who want to tap into the massive resources of Nigeria. These companies will pay for training and certification in the U.S., but they cannot do it cheaply in an African nation without a Six Sigma green belt certification. That is why the government of Nigeria is offering a very attractive program to attract these professionals.

While in Lagos I did meet some employees of an outsourcing company that was offering six sigma courses for $500 a month. The catch was that you had to complete the six sigma green belt course work at their facility. The result was a one-year training course and an employee could complete that course and then return to Africa, take on another project, and come back to complete the certification process. It was a great deal but it lacked a critical component which was the result of an in-depth analysis of the situation.

When six sigma green belt certification in Nigeria was released, it created a lot of buzz in the local business community. There was an infusion of new money that could be injected into the economy. There was even talk of additional tax exemptions as a result of six sigma certifications. All these things made it a very attractive proposition for many people involved with business in Nigeria.

What many people did not realize, however, is that not all six sigma courses are taught in the U.S. In fact, there are many countries around the world that offer six sigma green belt certification programs but none of them offer it in Nigeria. This raises questions as to why six sigma training in Nigeria is being offered at all. Is it simply because there are not trained personnel in Nigeria who can properly instruct Six Sigma Green Belt Certification?

The truth is that many of the companies that offer six sigma certifications do so because they have developed a relationship with the Nigerian government. The certificate that the issue is seen as an investment in the future of their company. With that, they may view six sigma green belt certification as a way of insuring a successful future for their company.

Of course, there is no guarantee that six sigma courses will help boost the economic development in Nigeria. However, the potential exists. At the very least, companies that offer six sigma green belt certification in Nigeria will have better success at landing contracts in the United States and around the globe. That means that the economies of these nations will grow. This boost in potential income for companies and residents of these nations will help lift them out of poverty.

The potential for growth is enough reason for any business or company to consider six sigma courses if they are developing an infrastructure or improving one. For smaller organizations, however, the potential for revenue increases are secondary. This is why the six sigma certifications in Nigeria is becoming seen more as a stepping stone for companies looking to increase production and earn more money than they are now.

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