Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in Kerala – Your Career Well Planned

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in Kerala – Your Career Well Planned

The concept of six sigma green belt certification in Kerala is actually a combination of several concepts that are part of the process of Six Sigma methodologies. The process of Six Sigma, which seeks to identify and eliminate problems and defects as well as the root causes, has become very popular all over the world. Several institutions have come up to offer six sigma green belt training in various parts of the country including Kerala.

While it is true that you can get six sigma green belt certification in Kerala for yourself within 100 hours, but this is not really an accurate figure. In reality, the actual time taken for six sigma projects done in this state may exceed that of the other states due to the number of sigma trained staff and also the quality of their training. But still, Kerala does have some reputed six sigma training facilities including the famous K.R.C Kamaraj University (Kymmetry Group), Oriental College, V.S.V. Academy and the Vellore Institute of Medical Science.

Once you secure your six sigma certification, there are several things that you need to do for further training. The first step is to enroll yourself for a course at one of the colleges mentioned above or any other reputable institution. It is advisable that you get six sigma training from a reputed institution. This will help you improve your practical knowledge as well as provide you with a certificate that can be easily added to your business cards.

Another important point that you need to keep in mind is that you should not leave the job of six sigma green belt without having at least five years of work experience under your belt. As a six sigma green belt, you will have to complete the training period of one year and after this, you will be eligible to take the test that will help you in getting the certification. You will be required to take an examination that will verify your six sigma green belt status and after this, the head of the training will make a final certification review.

In fact, the training period is not that long at all. It ranges between six to eight weeks of training in total. You will be taught on the conceptualization, design as well as implementation of processes. After this period, you will be taught the concepts related to quality management and continuous improvement.

There are various institutes in India that offer six sigma certifications in Kerala. You will find that they use different approaches to teach the six sigma techniques to students. Some of the institutes focus more on concepts, while others focus more on implementation. Therefore, it is advised that you should choose the right six sigma program that fits into your requirement. Once you complete the training, you will have to clear the practical test which will be given to you by the institute. The exam will assess your knowledge on six sigma concepts as well as your ability to implement them in your projects.

If you successfully pass the test, you will get a six sigma green belt certification in Kerala. The six sigma techniques that you have learned during the training will be helpful in your new career. People who want to join the service sector or the industries that require six sigma techniques will be happy to know that there are plenty of job opportunities in Kerala available. In fact, there are even six sigma jobs available in the cities like Kovalam and Kozhikode that are highly competitive.

Getting six sigma certifications in Kerala is not too difficult as you may think. However, you need to follow certain guidelines. First, you must join a reputed six sigma training center in Kerala. Secondly, you must clear the test that is given by some well-known institutes in the state. You can also take help from your friends who have already earned six sigma certifications in Kerala.

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