Six Sigma Green Belt Certification – Getting the Right Certification

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification – Getting the Right Certification

Six Sigma is a highly structured and rigorous methodology that develops tools, processes, and policies for businesses to improve the quality and efficiency of their operations. There are many companies that require Six Sigma Green Belt training in order to become certified Six Sigma Green Belts. In the application of the methodology itself there is a need for training. The Six Sigma Green Belt certification program consists of thirteen training and development workshops which are divided into three levels of training: Professional, Master, and Green Belt.

The certification process involves both training and certification. When a company decides to implement Six Sigma in their operations, they must first complete the training process to become Green Belts. When a company completes their Six Sigma Green Belt certification, they will then be issued a Six Sigma Black Belt with Green Belt certification. This is the highest level of certification available in the Six Sigma program and is the highest level of security clearance, one can receive when working in the Six Sigma organization.

However, this is not the end. Certification must continue to be re-done periodically in order to keep the Six Sigma methodology up to date. The only way to achieve continual improvement is by being aware of the changes in process and methodology. The goal is always to make the process more effective and efficient, thus producing the greatest return on investment possible. This continuous process re-engineering is what Six Sigma Green Belts strives for.

When students complete the coursework for their Six Sigma Green Belt certification, they will find themselves well prepared for the employment opportunities that will follow. These opportunities will come from the new roles that can be created within the company environment once the Six Sigma process has been implemented. These opportunities may include new roles as project leaders, quality analysts, or any number of Six Sigma Black Belts that can then go on to be promoted. The bottom line is that the employees who complete this level of certification become valuable to the company. They are qualified, skilled, and experienced in the use of Six Sigma tools and methodology.

In addition to gaining a Six Sigma Green Belt certification, students also gain an understanding of the tools, techniques, and processes that come into play when making improvements to an existing process. These tools and techniques are what the Black Belt’s practice in order to stay at the top of their game. These Black Belts have earned the right to go to work on the project that they are currently engaged in. When the project is completed, the belt will be able to review the process and see if further improvements were made.

The Six Sigma Green Belt training and certification do not end with the promotion of one to Black Belt status. The material is valuable to anyone who is looking to move up in their role. The knowledge gained from the material will make them more effective at their job, and the promotions that follow will certainly be more lucrative. There are a number of ways that employees can earn this level of certification, and they include:

This level of certification is not reserved for just those who are ready to take on Six Sigma projects. If you want to get a Six Sigma Green Belt certification, you can check with your local human resources department to see if they require the training or not. Some companies do require it for employment, but other companies prefer to see someone already have the certification. If you do not know where you should start in order to get started, consult the local human resources department.

Those with an interest in obtaining Six Sigma Green Belt certification may consider taking the program as a Green Belt, or Associate’s degree student. This will give you a chance to see if the curriculum is right for you before you invest in the full degree. Many Six Sigma courses require a lot of hands on training, so obtaining Six Sigma green belt certification early on is an important part of the process.

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