Six Sigma Certified Salary in India – What You Can Expect

Six Sigma Certified Salary in India – What You Can Expect

The first question you might ask is – What is the six sigma certification salary in India? Well, this is a very important question which has a very easy answer. It depends on various factors. For instance, one may be paid more in BPO companies than the other. Therefore, one will naturally want to know the six sigma certification salary in India, which will help them make their choices accordingly.

The six sigma certification process is quite expensive and therefore, it is only for those who can afford it to undergo six sigma training in order to obtain the best six sigma trained employees. Hence, many multinational corporations and industries prefer six sigma trained employees over others. Hence, the six sigma certified salary in India will be high as compared to others. You need to spend more time in order to complete your six sigma trained courses in order to become a six sigma certified employee in India.

The six sigma training is considered to be the ultimate step in order to succeed and reach your goals. However, it is not an easy task and it needs a lot of effort, time and money. Many companies have changed their views on six sigma projects and have come to view them positively. Therefore, the six sigma certified employees will find a high paying job. This is the reason there is a constant rise in the six sigma job market. Hence, if you are looking for a suitable job, then you should be ready to go for six sigma courses offered by six sigma certified organizations.

In India, there is no such regulatory body which governs the six sigma projects. There are many six sigma projects in India and each one of them has its own project director and project managers. Thus, you cannot rely on any institute which offers six sigma courses. The main six sigma certified salaries in India are as follows:

The six sigma certified project heads and managers earn a huge amount of money. They usually receive huge incentives and commissions for the projects they manage. Some of them also get significant stock options when they get the six sigma certification.

The hourly earnings of six sigma certified employees in India are extremely high. This is because they work long hours and are always on the go. In addition to that, they are also required to work in all weather conditions and all types of industries. Hence, you can imagine how much six sigma trained professionals earn in terms of salary.

Salaries of six sigma trained professionals also vary according to their location. For instance, a six sigma certified accountant from the southern part of India earns more money than the same person in the northern part of the country. In short, the six sigma certified salary in India depends on the location and the kind of industry you are working in. However, you can expect six sigma certified professionals to earn at least thirty thousand dollars annually. The six sigma certified professionals who have a master’s degree in six sigma and who are working in industries like pharmaceuticals, automotive, electronics, chemical, oil & gas and others earn forty to sixty thousand dollars a year.

In all, you can earn six sigma certified salary in India. All you need is dedication towards your goal. Once you have made your dream a reality, you can use the same in your career. This is a great chance for you to prove that your talent is in line with the needs of the industry and to prove that you possess capabilities that are required in order to attain success. In order to achieve this goal, you can join the training program at an organization that provides six sigma training. Once you complete the six sigma course, you can use it as a tool to work in the industry.

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