Six Sigma Certified Companies in India

Six Sigma Certified Companies in India

There are many companies and organisations that ask whether you have got the Six Sigma Green Belt Certification. The Six Sigma is a management strategy that was introduced by the management teams of various firms in the 1980s. However, there are many firms and organisations who have actually made use of the strategy. This is why the demand for Six Sigma Certified companies in India has grown manifold in recent years.

The Six Sigma methodology helps improve productivity of the firms and reduce costs. Hence, this approach is very helpful for those firms who want to boost the bottom line of their businesses. When your production is up, so is your sales. Proper training for employees helps them keep up with the demands of the business.

There are many institutes that provide Six Sigma training and certification courses. Some of these are genuine and are run by the firms. But there are others that charge enrollment fees and demand fees for the training only after completion of the courses. Therefore, before starting the course, it is important to check whether these firms actually offer genuine Six Sigma training or not. Only then should you proceed.

There are a lot of companies and organisations that offer Six Sigma training and certification. However, not all these companies follow the original Six Sigma methodologies. Many of these firms just update their processes and make use of the latest methodology that is popularly known as the Green Belt methodology. Therefore, it is important to find authentic certified companies in India that offer genuine Six Sigma courses.

It is not really necessary to get your certification from the very first company you contact. You can choose a number of management training and certification companies. Once you have shortlisted two or three firms, you should further verify their authenticity and the quality of training and job placement guarantee. In addition to this, you must also find out if these firms hire already trained professionals so that there is no additional cost for training. If you are lucky enough, you might even get a chance to work with an actual Six Sigma expert.

Some of these firms offer certification in different dimensions. For instance, some companies might give you a diploma when you enroll. They might also cover your professional certification and course completion. In order to complete the complete course, you must get an internship with one of the companies. Therefore, apart from getting an authentic certificate, you should also get the chance to interact with real Six Sigma professionals.

Some other firms offer short term and long term management courses. The short term courses are normally used for seasonal management requirements. On the other hand, long term training might be necessary for a management position in a multinational company. Such training might take about a year or more.

Six Sigma certification is the most accepted standard in the management industry. As a matter of fact, most of the organisations around the world have now started to use Six Sigma techniques in their operations. Therefore, if you are looking for a reputable certification programme, it would not be difficult to find one. Look for a company that provides good customer service, excellent training and extensive support after you have completed your Six Sigma training.

All the certification programmes offered by Six Sigma companies in India aim at promoting ethical behaviour and overall quality of management. Before you enroll for any such course, it is important for you to check out whether your chosen company follows international standards or not. Check whether the certification programmes offered by your organisation follow industry-specific best practices. You must ensure that your Six Sigma training is unique and will help you get a job in the field. In addition, your training should help you work as part of a multi-team environment and gain superior understanding of human resources, organisational development and business strategy.

Many companies in India offer cost effective Six Sigma training with a view to helping the workforce to build greater confidence in their capabilities and leadership skills. There are various companies that offer online Six Sigma certification courses as well. Many organisations offer various Six Sigma Green Belt training modules that include relevant lectures, case studies and assessments. The best part is that these training modules can be completed and transferred to different projects so that you are able to learn from the real-time experiences of other employees.

Some companies offer Six Sigma Green Belt certification programmes that allow you to participate in hands-on real world projects. You can even earn certification for working with customers. In order to reap maximum benefits, ensure that your selected Six Sigma Green Belt training provider promotes projects that involve projects in real world problems. Another factor that you need to look out for is whether your selected provider offers Black Belt certification programmes. Such certifications are generally awarded to those companies that prove that they have made significant improvements in productivity and quality of work.

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