Six Sigma Certification – Why You Should Go For It?

Six Sigma Certification – Why You Should Go For It?

Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu, is one of the world’s top IT cities and is one of the most advanced places in India where Six Sigma implementation and training are getting the attention it deserves. Chennai has been home to many multinational companies, which have increased its infrastructure and scope of business. There are several training colleges which have opened and provided extensive training and certification courses in six sigma methodologies. However, not all of them offer the best quality of training as some of them offer certification only for a short period of time. Some of these courses are taught on the fake premise that they can help you get the certification so that you can start your own business.

This is a false scenario as six sigma methodologies are long term and cannot be taught on the fake premise. Chennai, with its top class IT companies has the right infrastructure and the necessary expertise and resources to implement Six Sigma methods effectively. In order to get six sigma certification, you need to undergo six sigma training at Chennai. Some of these six sigma training courses are taught by local certified trainers who hold expert status. However, it is essential to know that there are also local certified six sigma instructors who hold six sigma certification with a diploma who can impart training that is not properly understood or practiced by the local trainers.

It is necessary to opt for six sigma certification from a recognized institute. You should consider the accreditation of the six sigma training center and its instructors. While choosing the six sigma training center in Chennai, you need to look for a well-established institution. There are several well established six sigma training institutes in Chennai, which have been offering six sigma certification in the form of online training from the last few years. The first institute to introduce Six Sigma methodologies in Chennai was the Alaka Academy.

Chennai has several six sigma certification training centers like the Alaka Academy, Nair Software India Pvt Ltd, and IIT Delhi. The institutes mentioned above offer six sigma training at different levels. The course work starts with basic courses and is followed by specialized advanced courses in which the students can choose the level of their choice.

In Chennai, six sigma certification is not mandatory for all employees in the information technology industry. Chennai is one of the fastest growing cities in the country and due to this, there is a significant growth of IT professionals. A large number of multinational companies have decided to implement Six Sigma methodologies in the Chennai and Lakshmi regions of Tamil Nadu as they not only increase productivity but also save on cost.

The Alaka Academy offers an online six sigma certification training program, which is extremely popular among fresher and experienced professionals alike. This program is designed by professors who have many years of experience in the industry and who are very much aware of the issues and problems that face the six sigma process. The curriculum of the course is designed by Prabhakar Venkataravan, S.V. Ravi, V.S.R. Sundaram, Subodh Gupta, and Subirankar Murthy.

The Alaka Academy offers an easy access facility which allows the learners to log in from any computer at anytime and watch the video lectures. After studying the videos, the students will be able to understand the topic better and grasp the concepts of six sigma certifications. The course is offered in two parts. Part one contains information about six sigma concept and methodology. In the second part, the students will learn about six sigma software development, recruitment, customer requirements, quality management and manufacturing process improvement. The course is suitable for those who have basic knowledge of computer science and engineering.

The Chennai MSME also offers the services of an executive coaching program for its professional members. This program will help the executives to increase their knowledge about six sigma and develop business strategies accordingly. With six sigma certification, you will become more eligible for a better job in the industry. The certification proves that you have the ability to implement whatever it is that you learn in the six sigma courses. You can therefore use this certification to improve your career graph.

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