Six Sigma Certification In Kochi, Chennai, and Other Cities in India

Six Sigma Certification In Kochi, Chennai, and Other Cities in India

Lean six sigma green Belt training in Kochi is offered by highly experienced trainers with comprehensive quality management expertise. The concept of lean has been around for more than forty years, but it is just now becoming a major part of the mainstream business planning and execution culture. Lean Six Sigma certification offers highly qualified professionals with a solid platform to help build their careers. This is also a great way to gain the skills and expertise to develop Six Sigma into a lucrative home based business opportunity.

The first step to take if you are planning to complete a Six Sigma Green Belt training course or to get a Six Sigma certification is to get certified. There are many organizations that offer such certification programs in Kerala. The most famous and active organization offering a certification program is the Indian School of Business (ISB). ISB is a private limited company which was set up in 1965 as a joint effort of six international consulting firms. Its core strengths lie in the delivery of quality improvement opportunities through the application of the Six Sigma methodology. The school also offers online training and a detailed website and FAQ page answering questions related to Six Sigma.

The second step to take if you plan to get a Six Sigma Green Belt certification is to implement it within your organization. Implementing Six Sigma is not just about implementing quality improvement measures; it also involves getting a clear picture of your problems, developing good customer service practices and continuously improving the process over time. For this, you will have to go through a detailed process of training and educating your staff. Once you complete the Six Sigma Green Belt training in Kochi, you should go through a two-week course at the Inter-campus Training Facility (ITF) in Fort Collins, Colorado.

ITF along with several other colleges and universities offers a complete Six Sigma Certification in Kochi. This course covers subjects like Problem solving, Lean Six Sigma and Project Management. ITF offers a comprehensive examination for the entire program including both the dry run and the real life scenarios. You can choose from one of the following courses: Project Management and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training in Fort Collins, CO; Project Leadership and Problem Solving in Kochi, Kerala, India; Six Sigma Black Belt Training in Fort Collins, CO; Project Development in Fort Collins, CO; and Six Sigma Master Black Belt Training in Fort Collins, CO. All these courses are accredited by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

The next step after getting Six Sigma Green Belt training in Kochi would be to get certified by an external certification body. There are many institutes that offer Six Sigma courses in the form of either a Dry Run or a real life experience program. The Kochi International School of Hotel & Restaurants, an initiative of the Hilton Group, offers a Six Sigma Green Belt Course. This course is a combination of classroom work and experience in which students learn the basics of Six Sigma methodologies while building restaurant strategies. The six sigma training program incorporates the application of Six Sigma principles to hospitality strategies. Six sigma black belt courses at the International School of Hotel & Restaurants is designed for restaurant owners as well as management to enhance quality of service, customer satisfaction and profitability.

After obtaining certification, you will need at least six months of work experience in a supervisory capacity in a restaurant or similar organization. The International Culinary Federation (ICF) offers a certified Six Sigma Green Belt Exam. The exam consists of two parts, a written exam and a hands-on practice session. This green Belt course is designed to prepare participants for a career in hospitality administration, restaurant management, or catering.

A certification is a key tool in the battle to become a Six Sigma professional. This certification will help employers understand your capabilities and will give you an edge when applying for a position in the industry. You can get Six Sigma certifications in Kochi, Chennai and other cities in India by enrolling for online training. Kochi and Chennai are two of the busiest cities in India with many corporate establishments located there.

To be a Six Sigma Green Belt (SSGB) you must pass both parts of the Six Sigma Green Belt Exam – the written section and the hands on practice session. The IASSC is the accrediting body that sets the benchmark for certification. To take the IASSC test, you will have to complete your formal training and then take the exam. Kochi, Chennai, and other cities in India are becoming Six Sigma Certified cities.

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