Six Sigma Certification – Coursera and other Courses Available

Six Sigma Certification – Coursera and other Courses Available

Coursera is an online learning course that will teach you the basics of six sigma projects. Coursera was started by the Black-Computer Group, and it offers many free resources related to six sigma. You can also buy a six sigma blueprint, which contains all the items that you need to complete your six sigma project, but you have to purchase the materials separately. The materials include the design documentation, blueprints, tool lists and CAD drawings. The package also comes with case studies for teams that have successfully completed six sigma projects.

It is possible to get six sigma certification through online courses. This is done in a traditional classroom setting. However, most companies prefer to hire an individual who has actual hands on experience with six sigma projects. There are many advantages to hiring someone who has six sigma certification, and they include:

The individual will have actual knowledge of how six sigma works. Coursera does not offer the same knowledge that the employees receive from Six Sigma. The six sigma certification that you receive from Coursera is based on a set of tests. The individual who completes the course will be able to demonstrate that they have been trained in all the areas that the six sigma guidelines suggest. This is much more than what the employee receives from Six Sigma.

The person who completes the six sigma certification course will be able to work for themselves and find work in the field of six sigma. Six Sigma has made great headway in the business world, but there are still many people who do not fully understand the process. Employees that are certified are more likely to be hired because of the added credibility that comes from seeing someone who has gone through the process. They are also more likely to stay with an organization longer because they can count on the fact that their work is in safe hands. This is very important in an economy where many companies are struggling.

When you complete the six sigma certification course, you will have the tools necessary to continue your education. Coursera offers courses in related subjects, which you can take in addition to the ones that you take. The more classes that you take, the better your understanding will become of the entire process. The courses are broken down into four main areas. These include training and education, process improvement, supervision, and project management.

The courses offered by Coursera are very comprehensive. There is also a wealth of material that is presented in lectures, videos, and other mediums. The lectures and videos are designed to give you in depth instruction about the techniques used. There are also numerous practice exercises that you can take to ensure that you understand the concepts being taught. Once you complete the courses, you will have the knowledge necessary to start your own Six Sigma Project.

You do not have to attend any classes when you receive Six Sigma certifications. You can obtain the training and certification by simply applying online. There is no learning necessary on your part. Instead, all of the online courses are interactive. You will be able to log on and take courses at your convenience.

If you are interested in obtaining Six Sigma certification, then there is no better time than now. With the financial crisis that the nation is facing, companies are having a hard time finding employees, which leaves them with little time for education. If you want to be hired when you apply for jobs, you need the certification, and online courses can make it easier than ever to receive your certification.

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