Six Sigma Certification Cost – Is it Really Affordable?

Six Sigma Certification Cost – Is it Really Affordable?

A Green Belt Six Sigma Black Belt is someone who has completed the basic training and is certified in Six Sigma. Green Belts is usually lower level employees than Black Belts, but they have taken the basic Six Sigma training and have received Black Belt certification. This level of training and Six Sigma certification is very helpful to them in their role as a consultant, instructor and leader in Six Sigma projects.

What are the training costs associated with being a green belt? Typically, a green belt training course will cost about $1000. If you are training other members of your company’s Six Sigma teams, it will likely cost less. The training material will be provided by your company, so you won’t have to pay for it.

So, what are the benefits of six sigma certifications? Employees that have it sign on the dotted line are considered to have the best Six Sigma knowledge and ability possible. Having this knowledge gives employees a competitive advantage within their organization. When hiring or promoting, those who are already certified will have an edge over the rest of their peers. How can having a six sigma certification cost you money?

The cost of six sigma certification will depend on many different factors. For one, how much Six Sigma knowledge and experience do you currently have? You will want to make sure that the Six Sigma courses that are being offered to you are related to your current level of knowledge. If you are completely new to Six Sigma, you may want to get some guidance from an employer or venture capitalist. The more that you understand the subject the less time you will spend on this certification.

You can also expect to pay for your six sigma certification in a few different ways. One way that the Six Sigma process will cost you is through your payroll taxes. Most companies are now going to the internet to find certified employees rather than going through the traditional channels like paper or yellow pages. This is going to increase your cost because you will be paying for internet based training versus the local or campus based teaching staff.

In addition to the cost of the Six Sigma certification itself, you will also have to pay for the Six Sigma course that you take online. Online training will be more expensive than a classroom-based course because you are not giving physical presence to your instructor and you are not presenting information to a group of people. The most effective way to learn Six Sigma is from a mentor and the best way to find a Six Sigma mentor is from someone who has completed all the requirements and is certified with a six sigma certification. There are many different online Six Sigma Certification courses to choose from and you should make sure that the course you choose has been properly reviewed by experts.

The last cost area is the Green Belt certification. Green Belts are not required to take Six Sigma green belt training. The reason for this is that the Six Sigma process works really well when trained in an environment where the leader is a black belt, meaning that they have taken the black belt exam multiple times and have a very large pool of qualified teachers to draw from when training others. If you do decide to get a green belt, then you will be charged differently but you will have access to the same online resources as the black belts.

If you understand the Six Sigma Process, then you are probably looking at the cost of the Six Sigma certification itself. The process itself is extremely affordable and the training that you receive will be invaluable to helping you become more efficient at work. Make sure that you find a certified program that has a high quality green belt training component. This will be an investment that pays off. After all, who wants to waste time and money on a certification that doesn’t do anything?

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