Six Sigma Certification Cost in Malaysia – Is it Affordable?

Six Sigma Certification Cost in Malaysia – Is it Affordable?

Malaysia is a country that many potential six sigma project managers are eyeing as an offshore project hub due to its excellent infrastructure and competent workforce. The six sigma methodologies, tools, and strategies of the methodology have made immense headway in other countries but only Malaysia has been able to successfully implement them. Now, is the time to take my six sigma certification and get a paycheck from it? Let us find out.

With the massive acceptance of six sigma in many countries around the globe, such as the United Kingdom and the United States, many companies have been able to leverage the methodologies, tools, and strategies of the methodology for their own projects. In Malaysia, there are a few companies that offer six sigma certification as a standard requirement for employment. As is typical with standard certification requirements, Malaysia’s six sigma certification is quite extensive and goes beyond basic certification.

To begin with, the six sigma certification requires employees to have at least a diploma in a relevant field. This can be any vocational course that includes or does not include computer science, math, and engineering. Furthermore, employees must also have at least two years of related working experience. This experience requirement is not applicable to all companies, as some may prefer a shorter certification program.

The next step in taking my six sigma certification and making money is choosing an appropriate Six Sigma Courses Malaysia institute. Currently, there are around thirteen institutes offering this certification program worldwide. The number will most likely continue to increase in the future.

Next, I would like to tell you about my experiences taking my six sigma certification. The first institute, I enrolled in was the Kuala Lumpur International University (KLIAU). There were many difficult assignments, but everyone was treated equally and it was fun learning from a fellow engineer. The next institute that I enrolled in was the Southern Institute of Government (ISIG) in Penang. This institute offered a more hands-on approach to six sigma training.

The training that the Malaysian government provided to us there was very interesting, and taught us a lot about Six Sigma. The one thing that they did not teach us was how to implement Six Sigma into our company, which is a very important element of the process. The lack of this information created an atmosphere of mistrust within the company, which resulted in a lot of miscommunication and loss of time and money. We were not properly trained on how to use Six Sigma in our organization.

Another reason why the six sigma certification cost Malaysia was high is because of the certification fee. Most institutes charge a one time set up fee, as well as ongoing fees for re-certification. In order to recertify you must also pass an exam administered by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Once you pass your certification, most six sigma institutes will not accept you into their program without additional certification, which means that you will have to pay even more money. I have spoken with several six sigma companies in Malaysia that require six sigma certification in order to hire a member of staff.

My advice to anyone thinking of getting six sigma certification in Malaysia is to make sure you do your research first. Malaysia’s governmental and non-governmental organizations do not provide clear and precise guidelines to help you get the job done. It is imperative that you do your homework before committing to your selected six sigma training institute.

Fortunately, there is good news. There are two certification providers in Malaysia that guarantee six sigma certifications at extremely low cost. My favorite is the one that offers a one time payment of only $500 for full certification. This certification covers all of the courses taught by the six sigma expert, so you will be able to successfully complete the entire program without any worry.

The six sigma certification cost Malaysia is extremely low compared to certification costs in the West. The certification you receive from one of these institutes is recognized throughout the country and works very well as a global brand recognition in the industry. You will be on your way to getting an excellent job and making a lot of money if you choose to complete this training.

The six sigma certification cost Malaysia is affordable, especially when you consider the benefits of your job and the potential return on your investment. You do not have to worry about being stuck with a low paying job. You can get very highly paid positions. Your education will also be worth your money. You can train for many different career options, including IT professionals, project managers, and automotive engineers.

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