Six Sigma Certification – Can I Get Certified?

Six Sigma Certification – Can I Get Certified?

When I first started in the field of Six Sigma, I did not know what the six sigma process was all about. The main thing that I knew is that I needed to get certified. I was looking to join the ranks of those who were getting six sigma green belts and then black belts. After working at Motorola for a couple years, I decided that I wanted to go into business for myself and start a Six Sigma program in my own company. This was not a very hard thing to do because I had the basic knowledge of something that was necessary for any Six Sigma practitioners. What I didn’t know was whether or not I could ever find a way to become a six sigma black belt without taking my lean certification course.

I went back and took my lean certification course. I figured that if I really wanted to be a six sigma black belt, then I would need to take my six sigma certification. After I graduated from the lean certification course, I began applying for jobs. Most of the companies that I applied to wanted me to have lean certification and a master’s degree in six sigma. This was hard to do because of the cost of the programs and the fact that I wasn’t willing to spend the time on it.

I did see some companies willing to take a little bit of time to help out, but none of them were willing to take the time to teach me how to get six sigma certifications. These companies usually prefer to hire someone with an MBA and six sigma experience. I also did not like the fact that some Six Sigma Projects was only done on a part time basis. I would have had to take my job on myself and I wasn’t interested in doing that.

Eventually I got my certification and started working at a company that was implementing Six Sigma Projects. I didn’t like the fact that they were always having meetings and that there were never any projects. It seemed like they were more focused on meeting the metrics that the company was using than on building a quality product or service. It was frustrating to me because I wanted to be proud of what I was creating and of the company that was creating it.

When I left that company, I went and obtained my six sigma certification. This was the first real job that I had successfully obtained Lean certification in and I loved it. The projects were beginning to pick up and I was able to help out where ever there was a project that needed doing. This was my first real taste of the Six Sigma Process and it was very rewarding. I loved knowing that I was helping to build something that was going to improve a company or a business.

I continued to get six sigma certifications and was very successful and began to think that maybe I could do this for other businesses. I thought that I could get certified in six sigma and then market myself as a six sigma expert. I thought that I could help make money with my knowledge. This was the time that I really had to come to the realization that I am not an expert. I needed to learn how to coach people, work with them, and become an asset to them instead of an employee.

In order to achieve six sigma certification, you will need to have a Black Belt six sigma training course. You can also obtain the Green Belt certification if you prefer, but you will not be able to take the test for the six sigma green belt until later. You can also obtain an online six sigma certification course but this might be a little bit too far away for most people. The Green Belt certification is the best option for a lot of people. It is affordable and it can be done from home.

It has been said that the six sigma certification will open the door to a new world. Many employees will be happy with this because they will finally be able to call themselves experts. They will have a name that is recognized around the world. Many companies will hire these employees and they will make very good managers. However, most training courses do not give you the skills that you need to become a Six Sigma expert.

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