Six Sigma Certification by Govt of India

Six Sigma Certification by Govt of India

Today, the world is very much connected with six sigma techniques and hence the demand of six sigma certification has been rising with every passing day. A large number of people are taking this training to improve their career opportunities. If you are also interested in getting into the six sigma training program, then you can surely get this certification from the government of India. It is the responsibility of the government of India to give certification to those companies which have got proper six sigma programs installed in their organizations. Also, there are many courses which are available online through which you can learn the complete processes of six sigma training.

There is a myth among many people that they can only avail six sigma certification from a classroom. This is not true at all. Today, there are various online six sigma training courses which can be taken by students for learning the procedures of six sigma. Also, it has been proved by many people that by spending just six months of your time in getting six sigma training, you can easily increase your career graph. Therefore, you should definitely take the advantage of this golden opportunity.

However, getting six sigma certification by the government of India is not as easy as it sounds. The process of six sigma training is considered to be very complex. In order to gain six sigma certification, one needs to undergo various training programs and complete all them successfully. Even then, the certification is not awarded on the basis of grades alone. Instead, you need to fulfill many criteria like your efficiency and your previous records before you can get your six sigma certification.

Due to all these complications, six sigma certification is rarely awarded by the Indian government. On the contrary, even private institutes award six sigma certification to their students. Though it is rare to find six sigma training programs at Indian universities, some of them do offer this program in their institutions. For those students who cannot afford to spend money on six sigma training programs at an academic institution, they can definitely learn it at any other reputed institute of their choice.

Now-a-days, there are several companies which offer six sigma courses to people. But for obtaining six sigma certification by the Indian government, you must visit the six sigma training institute and complete all the classes there. This is a tedious process. Besides, this process also costs a lot. Therefore, if you do not want to spend much money, you should consider taking an online course in six sigma. It would save both time and money for you.

The six sigma training programs offered by various institutes are designed in such a way so that people with a minimum level of technical knowledge as well as experience in the field can take up these courses easily. You can also upgrade your six sigma certification by enrolling for diploma courses in six sigma. These diploma courses are held over a prolonged duration and your certificate is issued after completion of the course. If you wish to upgrade your six sigma certification, then you can complete an online six sigma training course.

The process of the six sigma certifications in India is definitely easy. If you do not possess the technical knowledge as well as the experience, then you can easily complete this course. But, for getting six sigma certification from an academic institute in India, you should have a degree in accounting, finance, management, economics or computer science and you should also have some project experiences. Only the candidate who possesses all the above qualifications and has a proper six sigma certification will be able to impress the upper management of any organization in India and can expect a high level of remuneration for his performance.

The basic qualification for getting six sigma certification by government of India is the Certified Six Sigma Professional (CSSP) level or the Master Six Sigma Specialist (MSSS) level. In order to obtain six sigma certification by Ministry of Finance of India, candidates with at least a bachelor’s degree in finance can also participate in the program. The curriculum of the six sigma training program of Ministry of Finance of India includes subjects such as mathematical analysis, decision tree techniques, software application, statistical methodologies, statistical analysis, problem solving techniques, testing methods, project management and other related subjects. Candidates opting for six sigma certification by Ministry of Finance of India must undergo a complete clearing test from entrance examination for financial sector and from exit examination for non-financial sector.

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