Six Sigma Certification by AQ or IASSC

Six Sigma Certification by AQ or IASSC

Q: I would like to take my six sigma certification with a company that offers a Six Sigma courses. My question is will Six Sigma Courses offered by a company that offers a Six Sigma Improvement Program (or equivalent) also include the Six Sigma Certification? And if so, how come? Thank you. Answer: It depends!

As previously stated that a Six Sigma course does NOT include Six Sigma Certification. A Six Sigma Improvement Program is designed to provide those companies in need of a refresher course with information about Six Sigma that is relevant to the specific requirements of their business. Six Sigma Training and six sigma certification should only be offered to those who have successfully completed and passed the Six Sigma II Black Belt or Master Black Belt courses.

Companies wishing to offer Six Sigma Training and certification to those already employed may choose to separate the two in their offering. Most large corporations already offer a Six Sigma Program, which may be incorporated into an employee induction or re-training plan. The benefits of such a course are that it provides employees with the necessary training and knowledge that can make them better contributors to their organization. This also provides employees with an opportunity to increase their own earning potential by demonstrating they are competent in these areas. Six Sigma Certification is provided to those who have successfully completed the program and have been promoted to higher positions within the company.

Those organizations that choose not to offer a Six Sigma certification program will provide those who wish to take the Six Sigma courses with the necessary knowledge and training. The knowledge gained from Six Sigma training will include the necessary knowledge and skills required to effectively implement change within an organization. The knowledge acquired from Six Sigma courses can also be used to assist in training others within the company who may wish to become more efficient at their job duties. Individuals who complete Six Sigma training are often able to find new and higher-paying positions within the company.

In addition to obtaining certification, Six Sigma training courses can also be taken online and are often offered at a lower cost than normal training. Those companies who choose not to offer Six Sigma training may expect to pay a higher premium for employees who complete this training and there are even some employers who are willing to pay a premium for employees who have taken Six Sigma training and certification. This is due to the increased efficiency of the employees who have Six Sigma certifications and the higher level of competency that comes from being trained in these types of methods.

Six Sigma training courses can usually be found online and there are many advantages to taking them online. For one thing, it is easier to learn about Six Sigma through online resources and companies do not have to worry about the expense of having employees travel to training sites in person. There is also the added benefit of being able to take courses on your own time and schedule your own classroom time. When taking Six Sigma courses by mail, there is typically no class schedule available and employees are forced to find a time slot when in reality there is an entire evening or day of course time available. Online courses also provide the opportunity to take courses at work or at home, which can be especially helpful for those with a hectic lifestyle.

Before taking Six Sigma training or any other type of training, it is very important that individuals consider how they will use the knowledge that they will be gaining from the Six Sigma Certification program. If the employee already has experience in a similar role within the company then it is easy to determine if the knowledge gained from the Six Sigma Certification will be of value to the individual. However, if the person is completely new to the company and will be a new leader in the role, then it is imperative that they take the time to assess the needs of the company and how they will benefit from the training provided. Through Six Sigma Training by AQ or IASSC the individual will have a better understanding of what will need to be accomplished in order to move from the current level to higher positions and how they can make the changes needed to ensure that they are successful.

Six Sigma Certification by either of these two organizations is very beneficial to any company that is looking to improve employee performance. The level of training available with these courses is very valuable for leaders who are looking to make a positive impact on their organization while maintaining a high standard of customer service. Whether one is in charge of manufacturing, shipping, administrative, or management the benefits of taking Six Sigma training courses online or by mail are great. By providing the necessary training to the management team, employees, and leaders, companies that are certified by either of these two organizations will be able to work towards attaining the level of success that they are hoping for.

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