Six Sigma Certification And HR Professionals

Six Sigma Certification And HR Professionals

If you are a Certified Professional, Associate, or even Master level professional in the field of six sigma, there are many opportunities for you to make a difference in your field and to increase your pay. However, most six sigma jobs are not on a job site of some sort, so how can you get six sigma certifications? There are several options that can be chosen to fulfill this goal. However, you will want to know exactly what you want before you choose one.

Option One: Hire a Six Sigma Black Belt, who is an expert in six sigma process improvement, and let him or her come and work with your team to train your employees. This option is often preferred by smaller companies that do not have the budget to train their own Six Sigma Black Belts. Additionally, many Six Sigma Black Belts is willing to take a six sigma certification course for their own livelihood. However, if a six sigma certification course is offered to your employees, it might make things more difficult for the management, if they feel that they are being trained by a faceless person without any track record of success. Therefore, it is important to choose an option that allows for you and your employees to learn the proper methods, as well as the relevant training, to ensure that your business is running as efficiently as possible.

Option Two: Many small and medium sized companies do not have the budgets to create their own Six Sigma courses. They might try to use Six Sigma consultants, who have been certified, or they might hire someone off the street, who claims that they are trained in six sigma. In either case, do not trust anyone with your company’s data, as these people could be unauthorized employees, working for the company at the expense of the company. You want to find the best person for the job, whether that is a consultant certified, or self-trained. If you do choose an individual, make sure that they have the proper training from a reputable source and pass the six sigma certification test.

Option Three: Hiring an independent consultant. This is a third option, which might work for you. You might pay a one time fee for a six sigma consultant, who will come and train your employees for six sigma certification, as well as provide ongoing advice on improving the business. Some companies prefer this option, as they feel better when someone is providing direct support, rather than simply training and certifying employees.

Option Four: Work with a business that offers its own six sigma certification program. Six Sigma is becoming more widely accepted within the business, due to the high level of quality that has been associated with the methodology. There are a number of businesses, both large and small, that offer six sigma certification programs to HR professionals.

Option Five: Hire an outside firm to teach HR professionals how to use Six Sigma. Some large corporations offer in-house training, but many smaller companies do not. Hiring a firm to administer six sigma certifications to your employees is a viable option. It is generally less costly, as well. However, be sure to hire a reputable firm, and ask for a written contract.

Option Six: Register for a webinar or video series on Six Sigma, hosted by a company that offers six sigma certifications to its employees. The idea is for professionals, such as HR professionals, to get educated via video, rather than attending a seminar. Many people find this easier to learn, as well as retain, than attending a seminar.

Employers often go for Option Three, because it is less costly, although not always the best choice for them. For those who are already certified, they will probably feel more comfortable accepting the six sigma certification, rather than having to take an extra step. On the other hand, the cost of implementing Six Sigma into the workplace can be very high. Employers also must decide whether it is more cost effective to outsource the Six Sigma project, which means hiring outside help for the implementation, or to do it internally. If you’re unsure about which path to take, consult an expert at an outsourcing firm.

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