Six Sigma Black Belt on Resume – Getting Started

Six Sigma Black Belt on Resume – Getting Started

When seeking a job, potential employers always check the candidate’s education and credentials. Some might even ask outright if the candidate has a six sigma certification. The six sigma method and methodology were developed by White & Case Corporation and is used in many industries today to ensure quality and efficiency in operations. A six sigma black belt on resume is definitely a positive asset when applying for any position.

Six Sigma is definitely not a quick fix, it takes continuous training and hard work to become an expert Six Sigma practitioner. A candidate with a Six Sigma certification is definitely more qualified and ready to tackle any job he lands. He or she will have extensive knowledge and the will to exceed the expectations of his or her employer. When applying for jobs, be prepared to submit a resume that has already been written by a professional. Do not submit resumes with blank fields; fill out the appropriate information first and have them proofread and edited to meet their standards before submitting.

A six sigma certification shows a level of competence in the field. It is an absolute must have when applying for jobs. Many companies are looking for employees with this type of accreditation. The certification is also useful in getting higher salaries and promotion. When a potential employee takes a six sigma black belt on resume approach, they are showing that they are serious about the job and want to be highly regarded. They are willing to put in the time and effort and gain the rewards that come with it.

There are many companies and organizations that prefer to hire a six sigma certified employee because they know that they can be trusted with any task that is assigned to them. This is a positive sign for potential employers because they do not have to worry about hiring someone with no experience or who has little knowledge of the subject. Most often they will choose to pay a little more for a six sigma certified individual because they are confident that they will be able to do a better job.

The black belt on resume approach is a little more difficult than the six sigma certification itself. It takes more work to develop a good resume that mentions both the job and the training that were received. The resume should also show that the candidate has taken the initiative to train themselves and is willing to take continuing education classes to stay up to date with the latest developments. Many employers also look for candidates that have taken advanced courses in six sigma and completed them so that they can offer more detailed answers to questions. Having the relevant training listed on the resume will impress any potential employer.

Learning how to write a six sigma black belt on resume might take some time and planning. However, it is possible to learn the basics quickly. It does not take long before one can come up with a few ideas that can be put together to form a well-written introductory sentence or two. The key is to make sure that the summary is easy to read and shows the right skills and accomplishments listed on the resume. This will make it easier for an employer to decide if the candidate has the right attitude and qualifications for the job.

After the basics have been discussed, the actual training and projects should be mentioned. Again, it will be important to be specific as to what was learned during these classes. If it is a project that was not completed, it will not be remembered by the employer. Being specific about the course and completed projects will allow the employer to see that the person is organized and can handle any situation that might arise.

Finally, be sure to include references, both positive and negative. These should be written in simple, yet formal English. If they are not included on the resume, chances are the reader will not consider the person for a job. When it comes to six sigma black belt on resume tips, being organized and detailed is key.

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