Six Sigma Black Belt Certification – What Does It Entail?

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification – What Does It Entail?

One of the most popular training courses today is Six Sigma Black Belt Certification. Many Georgia Institute of Technology graduates have chosen to seek out this prestigious certification, which has become a popular choice for companies looking for people with solid management and leadership skills as well as those wanting to open their own businesses. As the economy continues its slow recovery, companies need to be more selective about who they bring in as employees, and they no longer simply want someone with your basic skills and knowledge.

Today’s economic recession has put many people unemployed and searching for new jobs. This is not an ideal situation for anyone, but when companies are struggling to keep afloat, they often cut corners on things like payroll and benefits, both of which can seriously dent profits. As a part of their job as employers, companies need to get back to basics and start focusing on how they’re going to retain the people who are already on their team. A large part of that means hiring people with six sigma black belt certification and training.

While the job market may be dire for Georgia Institute of Technology graduates who seek employment in the area of six sigma, there is still a great deal of opportunity available for those with a more elite level of training. The reason why six sigma black belt certification is so highly sought after is because it not only focuses on methods and concepts, but it also emphasizes ethics and leadership. You don’t just get a six sigma black belt certification; you earn an entire master’s degree as well as a PhD, making this a truly elite level of education. While the Georgia Tech curriculum may not be completely necessary for Georgia Tech employment, there are certainly advantages to being trained by someone who holds six sigma black belt certification. These advantages include:

Six Sigma Certification – Getting six sigma certification is a significant step towards proving your worth as a member of the company. It also serves as a sort of validation that the work you’re putting in is bringing you the results you’ve set for yourself. This is true even for smaller companies, as some smaller companies do not require six sigma certifications before being deemed fit to hire. However, many larger corporations do, making getting six sigma certification one of the most important steps towards climbing up the corporate ladder. Georgia Tech’s six sigma certification program allows the school to demonstrate to potential employers that they know what they’re talking about when it comes to Six Sigma and what it can do for their employees.

Black Belt Certification – Just like getting your initial six sigma green belt training, you’ll need to go through another process of six sigma black belt certification. This time, however, your challenge will be much more difficult, as you’ll have to complete a project involving a real person and a real data set. The project must demonstrate how Six Sigma can be applied to real business situations in an actual business setting, and not just in laboratory situations or theoretical examples. This makes getting six sigma certifications much harder than obtaining your green belt certification, but it is by no means impossible.

Georgia Tech’s six sigma certification allows its students to complete a project that involves actual business conditions. Students can choose to do a project focusing on customer service, quality improvement, or simply improving product or service. Projects can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the student. The important thing here is that you get real life Six Sigma Solutions, so that your clients are able to see the improvements in their bottom line.

If you are seeking certification for yourself, you should realize that Georgia Tech also offers online learning programs for its six sigma courses. In addition to offering a less intensive experience for students who may prefer to work at their own pace, these online classes also offer great flexibility for those who are still very busy. You will only have to spend a portion of each day in class, allowing you to fit your studies around your schedule and job. This allows you to get six sigma training while increasing your skills, which is exactly what any employer wants.

While the six sigma black belt certification requires a great deal of hard work and dedication, you will quickly find that this is a challenging and rewarding profession. Your Six Sigma Black Belt Certification will allow you to get your name out into the business world, ensuring that your clients will always recognize you and your company. You will be well respected, have plenty of Six Sigma Job Options open to you, and be paid very well for your work. This is a career that is not for everyone, but if you are serious about it, there are definitely ways you can get a six sigma black belt certification. Georgia Tech offers a program that will ensure that you have everything you need to become a highly successful Six Sigma professional.

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