Is Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Worth It?

Is Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Worth It?

Many people are wondering is it really worth it to take the Six Sigma Green Belt Certification. People are wanting to find out if the Six Sigma Green Belt Certification is going to be worth it, and also if they will receive any benefits from it. I will explain why I think it is definitely worth it, and also provide you with a benefit that many people don’t realize exists.

No matter what level of Six Sigma you are at, you can benefit from Six Sigma Training. If you are a Black Belt, or above, you already have an advantage over 99% of the people competing for a job within the company that you are applying to. That is because you already have the certification. Black Belts get the most consideration from major corporations, and Green Belts just getting started in their career will usually get interviewed for a lower paying position within the company, or get a job with a higher pay scale.

The problem is, the more training you have, the more money you are going to be spending. However, if you go for the Six Sigma Green Belt Certification, you will be getting a high quality education without the financial burden of continuing your education through an institution. Most of these Black Belts will receive six-month courses to teach them the basics of Six Sigma as well as the business side, while Green Belts will be trained in the complete process from start to finish.

It is possible that Green Belt Certification will only allow you to work in a specific department within a corporation. This is because you are not a full-fledged Black Belt, and you still must be able to get the necessary experience through an apprenticeship or internship in order to qualify for a job in that department. This is a great advantage for those that want to be trained from the ground up and can do the job with no extra guidance. However, those that want to be hired at the top level and have already established themselves as Six Sigma Black Belts, then the Black Belt certification will give you the edge needed to secure the job you want.

The Six Sigma Green Belt Certification will teach you the proper way to conduct Six Sigma Projects as well as give you the tools necessary to organize and manage them. These classes are rigorous and will require a lot of dedication on your part as well as the time to learn. The course will start by teaching you how to properly set up Six Sigma Projects as well as using the tools and process required to run them. It will also cover subjects such as data analysis, quality improvement, optimization, and even customer service. It is all centered around the idea that you have to look at each aspect of your job from a customer’s perspective.

Once you complete your Six Sigma Green Belt Certification, you can gain further expertise by enrolling in a Master’s or Doctoral program. These programs will take about two years to complete and will provide you with a better understanding of Six Sigma as well as new career opportunities. You can work in some factories right away and start making improvements to your job as well as start building your portfolio. The best training and jobs will come to you if you have the knowledge and experience behind you. There will be a selection of job sites out there looking for Six Sigma Black Belts so it pays to know where you should be putting your efforts.

When you are ready to get your Six Sigma Green Belt Certification, you should make sure that you are getting the right training. If you are just getting the certificate, find a local class and attend. On the other hand, if you have a Master’s degree already, consider taking Six Sigma Black Belt training as well as getting your professional certification. There will be more employers out there looking for workers with these qualifications, so you can easily land a job in the process.

You may also wonder whether Six Sigma Green Belt Certification is really worth it as well as what kind of career opportunities will come your way after you graduate from training. Remember that your certification does not determine where you end up but it will help you get that dream job. The majority of Six Sigma Green Belt courses are focused on customer service and support. These courses will help you work well with people in a variety of departments. For example, you might find employment working with an airline, casino or another place of business. Most of the Six Sigma Black Belt training courses focus on manufacturing however there are more job opportunities available for those with Master’s degrees in this subject matter as well.

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