How to Prepare for a Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

How to Prepare for a Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

There are many institutes that provide Six Sigma Green Belt Certification. In Delhi, there are the Indian Statistical Institute and the School of Management and Finance, both at nominal fees. If you want to be a Six Sigma Black Belt or Master Black Belt, you can also get six sigma green belt certification from these institutions.

The methodology of Six Sigma is actually based on statistical methods. It tries to analyze a business problem holistically. Six Sigma is also known as the black belt in management, which means you have gone through extensive training and have been appointed as the official representative of the company in the organization.

The Indian Statistical Institute has been offering six sigma green belt certification from India since 1982. This institute focuses on using statistical methods and data analysis. In addition, they also conduct training sessions for those who wish to become Six Sigma Black Belts.

They have been able to increase the employments of their employees. Employees get trained how to use the statistical methodologies in the six sigma project. When six sigma green belt employees complete their training, they get an opportunity to take an exam that tests their knowledge. Those who pass this test are given six sigma certifications. You must keep in mind that this certification is not compulsory.

However, many companies are hiring six sigma trained employees because they know that employees with six sigma certification works better than those who don’t. When you take your six sigma green belt certification from the Indian Statistical Institute, you will learn how to make analysis on your own. The statistics that you would learn here would give you an edge over your competitors. If you get six sigma certification from the Indian statistical institute, you can say goodbye to yearly performance appraisals. As you can prove to your clients, six sigma projects have a higher impact than other projects.

Most of the institutes give six sigma green belt certification to the trainees. Before you take the final examination, you have to clear three sigma training modules. These modules include data analysis methodologies, statistics, and methodology. After passing the final exam, you receive the six sigma green belt certification. You also get a certificate of completion, which helps you find jobs in the industry.

The Indian Institute is one of the oldest institutes that provide Six Sigma training. When you enroll yourself in this institute, you have to get trained by master black belt during your initial phase. This is necessary as the six sigma methodology was introduced in the 1980s. You need to complete the course successfully so that you can apply for six sigma projects at the institute. Once you complete the course successfully, you will be given a DSS (Doctorate) degree, which is a recognized qualification in statistical methodologies.

In order to enroll yourself in this institute, you need to verify the details on the website of the institute. All the requirements required by the institutes are mentioned on the website, and you should check all the details before opting for the institute. Remember, this institute has been approved by the government of India. So, if you want to perform better statistical methodologies at your place, then definitely, join any of the six sigma projects at the statistical institutes located in Delhi.

When you choose the right institute for training, you should always keep your eyes open for two main reasons. One, the projects are designed for experienced professionals, so if you have been trained earlier and are capable of handling the projects, then you should do well in the project. Two, there are also online Six Sigma courses and training for students who do not have the time to go to the institute. However, if you are a trained professional, then you can take up an online course. Therefore, always keep these two points in mind while choosing the right institute for training.

There are many institutes and institutions that provide Six sigma green belt certification. Before you select any of these institutes, you should look into their credentials so that you get the assurance that you will be getting the best training and education possible. There are various six sigma green belt courses available, including black belt courses, certification programs, master’s and doctorate courses. When you decide to take up an institute, it is important that you verify the accreditation and credentials of the institution. Always look for accreditation from reputed organizations like IIFT or The Association for the Advancement of Collegiate Schools of Business.

Most of these institutes offer six sigma green belt training in both classroom sessions and online mediums. If you wish to complete your project on time, then you should look at whether the institute offers the necessary resources that help in keeping the students motivated. Remember, there is no better feeling than completing a six sigma projects within the stipulated time and budget. Therefore, take your decision very carefully and do it only after consulting with your principal and supervisors.

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