How to Manage Lean Six Sigma Certification Projects

How to Manage Lean Six Sigma Certification Projects

The recent boom in the IT industry has prompted several companies to set up lean Six Sigma projects to improve their overall performance as well as minimize wastage. If you are also planning to set up a lean Six Sigma project, you will need to find a certified Six Sigma expert to help you out. There are many professionals in the market today, who claim to possess the knowledge and capability of efficiently running a Six Sigma project. However, it is important that you take your own time to verify their credentials before handing over any money or getting tied into long term contracts. Here are a few ways you can verify the credentials of a lean Six Sigma expert before making a decision to employ him for managing your Six Sigma projects in Bangalore.

– Call up a few certified Six Sigma experts in Bangalore and ask for their estimates on how much they would charge to deliver your desired result using a specific Six Sigma methodologies. A good idea would be to gather several quotes and compare them. However, it is important that you do not just hand over your money without analyzing the cost efficiency of the professionals offering the quotes. You should also make sure that the certification program offered by these experts matches with your company’s requirements. This will help you identify whether they are certified specialists or just ordinary workers who happen to have a Master’s degree in a related field.

– You should make the most of your short list of candidates by carefully interviewing them. Your goal here is to identify those people who have the ability to effectively handle the intricacies of a Six Sigma project. After evaluating them, you can further narrow your list by asking them for specific references from their past projects. Ask them about the methods employed, the work environment and the management style employed by the management team during the implementation process. These employees may not have successfully implemented the project in the past. Thus, it is vital that you get concrete evidence of their capability here.

– Another important aspect to consider when looking for Six Sigma consultants in Bangalore is to consider the number of years of experience they have. No matter how good the consultant is, he or she won’t be able to help you if they haven’t been doing the same type of projects for a long time. So it is essential that you do a little bit of homework before you make a decision. Get in touch with former clients of the company and try to get some background information about the level of satisfaction that they derive from their hiring of the company’s consultants. If they offer guarantees, you can be sure that they know what they’re talking about.

– Before you make your final selection, always ensure that the certified Six Sigma experts in Bangalore are based in India. While there are consultants who are based in the United Kingdom, there is no guarantee that they are really well equipped to implement the Six Sigma project methodology. The methodology requires extensive training, which is only possible if the employees studying for the certification program are based in India. This way, the entire learning process is kept localized and will enable the employees to learn and apply the concepts across the board in real-world projects. Only by staying close to the principles of Six Sigma, will they get the best results.

– Another important thing to look out for when hiring the services of a Six Sigma consultant in Bangalore is their expertise. There is no point in hiring a person who is new to the market as they may not have the requisite knowledge to implement the methodology successfully. It is essential that the consultant has hands-on experience in implementing Six Sigma project methodologies so that you can get your money’s worth. So while you are on the hunt for a Six Sigma consultant, make sure that you check out his or her credentials.

– Choosing the right professionals is not all that easy. For starters, you need to do your research and find out about the various projects that the certified professionals have handled in the past. You also need to check out their customer list to see if they deliver quality work on time. By and large, the certification process is a tedious one and hiring an expert for implementation is just like hiring a mechanic for a high tech project.

It is advisable that you select the consultant after checking out the points mentioned above. Consulting an expert will help you get the best results out of the certification program. It is important that the project that is managed is a challenging one and so getting hold of the certification is a must. So by hiring a Six Sigma professional with a successful certification, you will be able to achieve your desired targets in a short period of time.

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