How To Lower The Cost Of Six Sigma Green Belt Certification In India?

How To Lower The Cost Of Six Sigma Green Belt Certification In India?

Cost of Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in India is a great investment if you have an eye to the future. It can be the springboard for your career or the ticket out of the rat race. If you are aware of the benefits that Six Sigma can bring in terms of increased productivity, improved customer service and increased profitability then this certification will go a long way to boosting your career. But, before you make a choice on the best training center for your Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in India make sure you do all the proper homework first. The cost of Six Sigma certification training in India can be high or low depending on various factors.

For a six sigma certification to count as the gold standard of Six Sigma training courses in any country, it has to be a good enough course with trained competent teachers who have a good international reputation. However, there is no regulatory body whose main responsibility is to keep a check on the quality of Six Sigma training courses being taught across the world. In the case of India, this responsibility belongs exclusively to the Indian Council of Medical Research and Technology (IMRT). The cost of six sigma green belt certification in India therefore depends solely on the quality of the institution.

While cost matters, there are other factors as well that determine the cost of Six Sigma Green Belt training in India. For starters, you should evaluate the availability of the course material. You might end up purchasing Six Sigma Black Belt training videos from the local market that are substandard. Or you might end up paying dear costs for the use of CDs, textbooks and other study materials that are not compatible with your computer system. The presence of a full-time trainer at the institute of your choice also plays a crucial role in determining the final cost of six sigma green belt certification in India.

Another important consideration that you will face when trying to determine the cost of six sigma green belt certification in India is the availability of the instructor’s skills. In order to impart Six Sigma Black Belt training, instructors of reputed institutes are usually hired. If you find a good instructor at a reputed institute, then your cost of training will definitely be low. However, this does not mean that you do not have alternatives. You can always opt for distance learning option which will cost you much lesser than regular classroom sessions.

The cost of Six Sigma Green Belt certification also depends on the level of certification that an institute grants to its candidates. Candidates who hold an ordinary certification level will be granted with Green Belt certification at a very low cost. However, there will be very high costs if you look for a higher certification level. It will be better to opt for an institute that offers online training if you want to gain access to a more advanced level of training without incurring too much cost. Some institutes even provide certificates for candidates who have passed an advanced level of Six Sigma Green Belt training.

Choosing the right six sigma training institute is very critical for your career advancement. You will have to choose a reputable training center that has been offering Six Sigma courses for a long time. Make sure that the institute has experts who possess immense knowledge about the subject and an efficient curriculum. The cost of Six Sigma training certifications in India is quite low as compared to other countries. You will definitely enjoy the process of gaining certification from such an institute. The best part is that Six Sigma training programs do not take too much time to conclude.

Another factor that you should consider while deciding the cost of Six Sigma Green Belt certification in India is the level of interaction that takes place between the trainee and the master trainer. There must be an adequate level of communication so that the trainee is able to understand the suggestions that are being proffered by the trainer. The trainer must also interact with the students at least once in every three months. Such a system ensures that one can keep abreast of the changes taking place within the Six Sigma methodology. Therefore, it becomes absolutely essential that one maintains regular contact with their trainer.

If you need any assistance regarding the cost of Six Sigma certification in India, then you can contact International Training & Certification Bureau. ITCB offers certification training programs that are both national and international in nature. All the six sigma courses and other training programs that ITCB offers are affordable and within your budget. If you wish to earn a Six Sigma Green Belt certification, then ITCB is definitely the right place for you.

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