How Long Does Lean Six Sigma Certification Last?

How Long Does Lean Six Sigma Certification Last?

Six Sigma is a powerful management strategy that has transformed the industries that have adopted it. It has created positive results for those who embrace it and also destroyed any objections or hesitations within an organization to make the changes needed to become more profitable. However, there are situations where Six Sigma Certification is no longer relevant. The methodology of Six Sigma, when coupled with a poor quality customer experience, can easily make the business failures from using this process worse than they would have been under normal circumstances. Does Lean Six Sigma Certification expires?

Six Sigma is designed to eliminate waste by analyzing and eliminating defects in a process, before a product is released into the market. A large number of organizations use this methodology and look forward to Six Sigma Projects completion, which is dependent on efficient work flow and excellent product quality. Lean Six Sigma however, focuses more on reducing the volume of waste created, than simply getting rid of the defective elements. Most products that enter the market, whether due to a defect or poor quality, will have wasted resources in the form of time and money. This waste is something that can be eliminated with the proper analysis, planning and control during the production phase, but there will always be some waste that cannot be avoided.

In terms of “does lean six sigma certification” being valid, it is valid only if the Six Sigma Process is adhered to consistently. While improvements can be made within the overall process, it is impossible to eliminate all defects or to design a system that will eliminate all possible flaws. This is why most Six Sigma Projects ends up as reviews or corrections to existing processes. Any Six Sigma Black Belt or Master Black Belt training courses will show that these cannot be done away with without creating a massive increase in the complexity of the overall process.

Certification is important for several reasons, but the most important reason is that it provides solid assurance that the processes being used are meeting desired standards. Lean Six Sigma Training shows how to reduce costs while meeting desired standards, so a company can still reap the benefits of using the Process. The certification process does not, however, make a company eligible to sell Lean Six Sigma Training to other companies. A company cannot become certified unless it has successfully completed its own Six Sigma Projects, which may take years to do depending on the scope of the project and the size of the company.

The next question that you might ask, “Does Six Sigma Certification Expire?”. Six Sigma Certification, like any other training or certification, is only valid when it has been successfully completed. If your Six Sigma Project was a complete success, then you will not need to re-certify unless you move to a different Six Sigma Program, or change the focus of your business. Most companies who use Six Sigma are constantly undergoing improvement – this is shown by the continual additions of Six Sigma Black Belt training, projects, tools and methods.

There are also a couple of instances in which Six Sigma Training does expire. The first is, once a company has reached their sales quota and has no room to add more training or certification to their process any longer. Also, there are times when a certification is due for renewal. In the case of a product certification, the product itself may no longer be in production, but the Quality Management System, or QMS, which is responsible for maintaining the quality of the product does, so the certification is valid only until the product is discontinued.

You can usually renew your certification after a certain amount of time has passed since your certification was issued, but this is not always the case. If you plan to move to a new company, or if you plan to complete a new project within the same company, your training may be invalid if your certification was not renewed. However, you should always check with your current company, because some have specific requirements as to which projects can be moved forward without further training.

Since there is no right answer for the question does lean six sigma certifications expire, there really is no right answer for the question how long does lean six sigma certifications last. However, it is important that you understand that certification, while still important, may not be a prerequisite for advancement or transfer within your organization. Most companies require six sigma project completion in order to advance to the next level within their organization. However, others do not require any kind of certification, so you will have to research this on your own. The best way to find out is to ask your supervisors, or people in your department, and see what kind of training they require in order to advance. Once you know this information, then you can make decisions about whether or not you are going to get training, or if you are going to continue working in your current position.

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