How Do I Know If I Have Lagged Behind on My Six Sigma Certification Expiration?

How Do I Know If I Have Lagged Behind on My Six Sigma Certification Expiration?

Six Sigma Certification and Lean Six Sigma Training is a two step process that yields measurable improvements in quality and quantity. Lean Six Sigma Certification, however, has no expiration date; it’s designed to train you and keep you certified through an ongoing, continuous process. If you choose to take my Six Sigma Certification for your business, you can expect that the process will be challenging and you may find it difficult to stay on course. However, I have a few tricks that I can help you with the process of certification expiration.

Lean Six Sigma Certification and training has two distinct phases: training and certification. During training, you are prepared to handle and complete projects under the guidance of your training supervisor, and you will learn and apply Lean principles and concepts. As you complete your projects, your supervisor will give you a final evaluation and provide you with a certificate of completion. This certification is valid for two years, after which you may choose to re-certify if you wish.

Lean Six Sigma Certification Processes – Certification expiration will typically occur at the end of your second year of Six Sigma Training, although this can vary by program. You may find that this date is moved forward by one year, as some Six Sigma programs require further improvement before you can take the test for a third time. In most cases, however, the certification process will move forward at the end of the third year. It is important, however, that you take your certification test as soon as possible to be considered for certification.

When is it a Good Time to Take Your Six Sigma Certification Test? Six Sigma certification testing should occur a few months after you have completed the course of study and your project. This ensures that you understand the concepts and have the skills and knowledge you need to successfully complete certification. Taking your Six Sigma certification test too early can cause problems with the process and create a longer process for getting the most out of your training.

How Do I Prepare For my Six Sigma Certification Expiration? Once you have decided on your certification test date, you can decide what you will do to support it. Some organizations have their own Six Sigma courses, others have outside resources, and still others work with the current employees to implement Six Sigma into the workplace. All of these options will help you ensure that your Six Sigma training remains relevant and valuable, and ensures that you can continue to apply the improvements you make to the process in your job as they become necessary.

Who Decides the Lean Six Sigma Certification Expiration Date? The certification process does not happen automatically. Each Six Sigma program will set its own timeframe for certification expiration, and you will need to monitor the process to ensure that you are on schedule to take your final test at the right time. Six Sigma providers generally recommend that you check your website at least six times a year for updates, and that you review the website and program regularly. By monitoring your Lean Six Sigma Certification expiration and making sure that you are still on track with your Six Sigma certification, you can ensure that you are as productive as possible with your Six Sigma training.

Will My Six Sigma Certification Test expire if I Miss It? Six Sigma certification tests must be taken within a specific time period, otherwise the test is considered incomplete and useless. Six Sigma professionals will track your progress throughout the entire process and will make any necessary adjustments to your process as needed. If you miss your certification test deadline, you will receive an incomplete Six Sigma process chart. This list will include explanations of why your process was not complete, and you will need to resubmit your application and provide all required documentation by a specific time period.

Can I retake a Lean Six Sigma Certification Exam? Even if you miss your certification test, it doesn’t mean that you have to accept that your Six Sigma process isn’t up to par. Six Sigma professionals will track your progress throughout the entire process and will make any necessary adjustments to your process as needed. If you wish to take a second or third Lean Six Sigma Certification examination, it’s entirely possible, and you can study and revise your knowledge from the first certification exam until the second or third expires.

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