Getting Your Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

Getting Your Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

Six Sigma green belt courses have become very popular over the past few years. They are designed to help employees improve quality of production while lowering costs. While they do help produce a better end result, the main goal is to lower the costs of doing business.

If you work at a customer service center or any type of customer service job, you have probably taken Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification classes at one time or another. You may even have taken them yourself. The reason for this is that these classes have shown to be very effective in reducing customer complaints.

One of the keys to Lean Six Sigma is reducing defects before they occur. If your company uses manual billing or customer billing methods, you will quickly discover that the long lines and added fees add up. If you use a computerized method, the cost per transaction can be much less. You also need to train your team on how to do this in order to implement it. This is where a lean six sigma green belt course comes in handy.

There are many reasons that a company might require its employees to take a Six Sigma Green Belt Certification course. Many companies require that employees take these courses because it is required by law in many places. In other places, the requirement is for employees to take a specific amount of training each year. You will learn the information that you need to pass these tests and then pass them with flying colors. Once you complete the training, you will become a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt or Master Black Belt.

The first step to getting your lean six sigma certification is to find a training course that works for you. Try to find one that is taught at a local community college so that you get the most out of your money. Online training courses are great as well, but you will have to pay for the convenience of learning online. When you take an online course, it is delivered to you in a PDF file. You will have to print it out and then complete the training.

Make sure that the training course that you choose provides video instruction. A lot of people try to do their own lean Six Sigma and end up failing miserably. If you want to learn the material from the professionals, you need to be able to see it in action. If you try to do the course on your own and fail, you will be left without the certification and will be at a disadvantage when trying to get a job in the lean Six Sigma industry.

Once you have taken the training, then you should take a final test that covers everything that was taught on the lesson plan that you took. This will certify you as a Green Belt, or Black Belt, and allow you to work towards getting your full certification. You will also get to take a career counseling session that will help you with any career decisions that you may be making. This can help you decide if this type of career is right for you.

There is no doubt that a lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification can take you a long way in your career, but it will not happen overnight. It is something that you will have to put in the time to achieve, and then it will pay off. You will get more done in the time that you are employed in your job, and you will feel more satisfied with your work. You may even find a new line of employment opening up in the fields that you were not originally trained for!

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