Getting Six Sigma Certification In Kenya

Getting Six Sigma Certification In Kenya

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training in Kenya consists of teaching you the basics and fundamentals of Six Sigma. This includes learning how to identify quality problems early on, learn how to eliminate them, and how to keep improvement cycles on track. The Six Sigma method was developed by Motorola as a way to increase the cycle time of product development while cutting the costs and wasted time of existing processes. Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training in Kenya gives you a solid foundation of knowledge to help you understand this methodology better. The course is taught by trained and certified practitioners who have been through comprehensive Six Sigma training courses, including Green Belt and Master Black Belt training.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training teaches you the core tools and functionality within an organization. It then goes on to describe the six sigma tools and functionality. Throughout the program you will also be given detailed explanations of how you can use these tools in your own organization and improve its quality and efficiency. When you complete the course, you will receive the six sigma certification which symbolizes your completion of the course.

Those who complete the six sigma green belt training in Kenya will be issued a Six Sigma green belt card. These cards are valid for two years and can then be renewed. During the second year of the certification, you will need to take an exam to become a black belt and earn your official certification. Your certification card is also valid for one year and you must then renew it before becoming a black belt.

Obtaining six sigma certifications in Kenya means that you have completed all the requirements and have passed all the test papers. The six sigma green belt certification tests cover subjects such as management and leadership, improvement and implementation, and waste management and reduction. You can expect to cover these topics in classes that are held in Kenyatta University, Strathmore College, and Kenyatta University campus. You can also find many courses being offered online through Kenyatta University or the University of Nairobi.

If you already hold a Six Sigma green belt certificate, then you can upgrade to black belts (or black) by taking a black belt test. This test will focus on project management and implementing projects using the principles of Six Sigma. You will need to pass a comprehensive examination. After this, you will become eligible to sit for the Six Sigma black belt exam.

After six sigma certifications in Kenya you will have a unique six sigma green belt (or black belt) number. This is your official certification number that is provided by the six sigma certification provider. This number will serve as your proof that you have undergone the training and have become an official member of the Six Sigma organization. It will also serve as your entry in various organizations that offer six sigma certifications or six sigma black belt certification. You will be able to apply for jobs in various companies that need Six Sigma employees.

The cost for getting six sigma certifications in Kenya can vary depending on which six sigma providers you decide to work with. Most six sigma certification providers in Kenya charge fees that include both the Six Sigma training as well as the six sigma green belt test that needs to be taken before you become certified. Some charge one time fees while others charge monthly fees. Some also require that you submit to an interview before they can offer you six sigma certifications in Kenya.

You can find a large number of companies that offer six sigma certification programs in Kenya. These companies will offer training and certification to their employees as well as to prospective new employees. The fees for these training sessions will vary depending on the size of the course, the length of the training period and the amount of training that you have undergone. You can choose the course that best suits your needs and budget.

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