Getting Acquainted With the Six Sigma Certification Test

Getting Acquainted With the Six Sigma Certification Test

Six Sigma certification test is conducted by independent organizations and various business associations that help in identifying those companies that have been certified by the Six Sigma methodology. The test comes as a supplement to the six sigma black belt or Master Black Belt training. The test helps the employees analyze and select high quality products in an organized manner. They are trained to assess the quality of the services and the processes, both operational and in the process of planning and designing. The test is often conducted in tandem with the customer satisfaction survey, which helps in the identification of improvement opportunities as well as identifying areas of improvement.

There are different types of the Six Sigma test. The main types are:

Structured interviews: A structured interview test helps in determining whether the candidate meets the Six Sigma requirements. This type of six sigma certification test is also known as the written test. The candidate is asked to answer a set of questions relating to their knowledge and experience in six sigma concepts. The test also contains detailed explanations of the statistical methods used in the process of six sigma projects. It helps the candidates in answering the competencies in designing and managing process improvement projects. The test can be taken only once, but for a better result, the candidate can take the test multiple times.

Black Belt training: This is another type of six sigma certification tests. The candidate is taught different concepts and learn how to use these concepts in the real world projects. The candidates are also taught the basics of six sigma tools and how to use them. Once the trainee passes the six sigma black belt training, then he or she can take the test that consists of two parts.

The first part of the six sigma certification test is conceptualization. In this part, the candidates have to explain their theoretical knowledge in relation to the various concepts and measures of six sigma. The candidates will be able to describe their conceptual design and how it will fit into the business process. It requires clear writing skills, good listening skills, and ability to explain things in simple and understandable language.

Reasoning is also an important part of the six sigma certification test. The candidate has to demonstrate his or her reasoning skills by giving proper examples. He or she has to analyze the reasons given by the expert and analyze the business application of the reason. The candidate has to write a small paper on the subject and submit it for the test.

A six sigma certification test is conducted under simulated conditions. The test involves some real applications which have been carefully verified. Before the test is started, there will be short discussions between the trainer and the test taker. This will help them understand each other’s thoughts. There will also be simulated problems which will make the trainees go through the process of problem analysis properly.

The last part of the six sigma certification test deals with hands-on tasks. The candidate has to complete the test successfully without any error. The topics covered during the course include managing change, quality management, waste management and manufacturing cost reduction. The training program is usually very interactive, so that the candidates can easily learn from the discussions. However, it is not necessary that the candidates should attend all the sessions of the training course; they can opt for online tutorials which can be attended anytime they want.

The six sigma certification test should be taken in an organized manner. No breaks should be allowed even if it is a short test session. The candidates have to read thoroughly the material and understand everything before moving ahead with the next topic.

In order to get six sigma certification, one must also complete all the requirements successfully. These include having at least a high school diploma or GED and taking part in at least twenty hours of classes in any of the universities that offer these courses. The online courses are preferred by many because they give the trainees the flexibility to study according to their convenience. The candidates have to pay only affordable registration fees so that they do not face financial difficulties in the process of obtaining the six sigma certification.

This way, the candidate does not lose interest in the course and maintains a discipline in the process. The online Six Sigma training programs ensure that the trainees learn the basics well and gain knowledge about various concepts. They also prepare them for the six sigma certification test. If you are interested in this career then online training will be ideal for you.

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