Formatting a Six Sigma Green Belt Certified Resume

Formatting a Six Sigma Green Belt Certified Resume

Are you planning on taking a Six Sigma Green Belt Certification exam? Then you are probably aware that it is quite the rigorous training program. This particular type of certification is becoming more popular with companies who are in need of increased production and efficiency in their business operations. In order to be successful in this particular certification program, you are required to have your prior work experience as well as your Master’s degree. If you are a graduate of any course at all, you can certainly take advantage of this opportunity.

When looking for a six sigma green belt certified resume, there are some things you should remember to look for. First of all, there is no such thing as a one size fits all resume or template. As mentioned above, you will find many different types of templates for these types of job resumes. Each one has its own purpose and use. You will find a resume template that will work well with project management and others that are geared towards project management professionals.

The best thing you can do is to create a customized resume especially for the certification exam. Remember that the Six Sigma Green Belt certification will focus on specific projects you were involved in. Therefore, you must put yourself in the shoes of a prospective employer so you can write a resume that puts you in the best light possible. The first thing you want to do is to research the six sigma green belt online so you can see what the requirements are.

Your resume should be fairly short, no more than a page and a half in length. Be sure to keep it to the point and make sure that your information is straight to the point and easy to read. Do not try to go overboard with the formatting because that will take away from the professionalism of your resume. Also, do not under any circumstances, include complex language or numbers since these can take away from your ability to focus on your project accomplishments. Using bulleted lists and using bullet points are a great way to format your resume and call attention to the most important aspects of your training.

When writing about your past projects, do not focus on your role as a leader. Focus instead on the role you played as a member of the team and how you contributed to the success of the project. Also, do not mention how your Six Sigma Green Belt certification is a personal achievement and not a professional one. By doing this you will not cause an employer to doubt your capabilities.

The next step after you have researched the requirements for Six Sigma Green Belt certification is to list your qualifications. Start with your name and insert a brief description of your role in the company. In the “Other Roles” section, list all the jobs that you have held in your career. Do not just list your current job; provide information about each of your previous positions as well. This information should be detailed enough to let the reader know where they can go to find out more about you if they are interested. This section will also prove to employers that you have a direction in life and do not just float through your work experience.

The next step is to list your certification from Six Sigma, Green Belt or Black Belt. This is usually located somewhere at the bottom of the resume. It should be carefully documented. If you earned your certification in a shorter period of time than the requirements require, consider taking that time off and getting another certification before applying for certification. You never know whether or not a potential employer will take your Black Belt with you if you don’t mention it.

The final step in formatting a Six Sigma Green Belt certified resume is to sign it and then submit it along with any attachments (if included). Keep in mind that the basic formatting instructions are included in every online course. However, you may wish to review it and make corrections before submitting it. Any errors in spelling or grammar will show up on the resume, even if the company is using a template to create the resume.

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