Form a Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification Committee and Save Money

Form a Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification Committee and Save Money

Six Sigma has become an integral part of management strategy and many companies are looking at the six sigma certification as an essential part of their process. However, getting six sigma certification is not cheap. The basic six sigma certification course can set you back about $1000. When companies realize this, they begin to look at ways in which they can reduce the six sigma certification cost.

One way companies can reduce the six sigma certification cost is to train the employees who will be handling Six Sigma projects internally. It is not always possible to get trained employees on a temporary basis due to financial constraints. However, by training them internally you can ensure that they have the knowledge and capabilities to implement Six Sigma within your company. This will help the Six Sigma concept really get embedded within your organization.

The other way companies can reduce the six sigma certification cost is to outsource the Six Sigma projects that are too large for your own employees. By outsourcing the larger Six Sigma projects to a third party provider you will free up resources within your organization that you can use to implement Six Sigma in smaller projects. For example, if you’re implementing Six Sigma Projects in a car manufacturing company you would have enough resources to implement Six Sigma in less time than it would take your entire department to do the same project. You could also save money by hiring a consultant, who can manage the projects on your behalf and therefore cut the six sigma certification cost.

One of the reasons that training costs so much is that Six Sigma Training has become so scattered that the concept is not understood well by everyone. This forces management to hire different consultants to give the training. These cost money because the consultants have to do the training, get certified, distribute their documentation and track any improvements that happen. This adds to the overall six Sigma costs because you have to keep the consultants on retainer to manage these projects. If you can get your employees to do the training with you then you can significantly reduce the costs.

Another way to reduce the Six Sigma certification cost is to bundle the Six Sigma courses together with other training materials and hosting them at the same time. In many cases the Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification can be bought once and used throughout your company. By doing this you also reduce the training and development cost of your employees because they no longer have to learn new modules separately. You can bundle the certification so that everyone within your company has access to the knowledge needed for a new Six Sigma Project.

Companies often make the mistake of hiring a Six Sigma Pro to come in and do the training for the employees as well as the management teams. This is a huge mistake because it doesn’t always work out in the end. The employees may become confused when it comes to the different modules and the management may not feel motivated to take the time to learn something new. However, by forming a committee you can eliminate the confusion and create better cost savings for your company.

When you hire a Six Sigma Pro to train your employees, you will probably have some challenges along the way because you want them to do things properly the first time without any problems. You might also find that your employees jump right into the certification process without really understanding it. This can result in a lot of problems down the road with them jumping back out and finding that they are not prepared for the different types of projects that they will be required to complete. By forming a committee the problems will be caught before they occur and you will have fewer problems in the long run. You can also form this committee when you begin releasing Six Sigma projects so that everyone is trained correctly and is properly trained in all areas of the project.

The first thing that you should do is figure out the Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification Cost. This will allow you to determine what type of training that your employees will need and at what cost. Keep in mind that the cost of the certification does not include the cost of getting the employees certified. It includes the cost of providing the training and classroom sessions for those employees who will be participating in the black belt courses. Once you have determined the cost of the training then you will be able to see which employees need to participate and which ones do not so that you can get the best number of workers on the job.

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