Finding the Best Six Sigma Certification Institute

Finding the Best Six Sigma Certification Institute

In terms of getting your business done in a short span of time and helping your employees to do so, there is no better option than to take on six sigma courses and train your staff accordingly. This will help them take on their jobs much quicker and without having to worry about getting stuck with paperwork. There are many institutes available across many states which offer six sigma courses but which is the best six sigma certification institute in India? Well, first things first. You need to find out what kind of six sigma courses you need to start off with and then look at each institute offering those courses. Once you know what you need, then you can work out how to choose which is the best six sigma training course in India.

There are many institutes that offer six sigma training courses for people who want to get into the management phase of things in the field of industries. There is also a huge requirement for people who are in manufacturing plants to get trained properly in order to do their jobs properly. When you are looking at which is the best six sigma certification institute in India, keep in mind what type of industries these courses are aimed at training people for. For example, some of the industries that need these courses include automotive companies, textile mills, paper mills, power plants, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

So which is the best six sigma certification institute in India for each of these different types of industries? The first institute that comes to mind is that of Delft University in Netherlands. They have been running this program for over thirty years now and have thousands of graduates around the globe taking on these six sigma certifications.

The next institute on the list is Institute of Chemical Technology at Hyderabad. They offer over four hundred courses that are focused on all types of chemical sectors including chemical engineering, petroleum, power generation and even pharmaceuticals. This is a smaller institute and it only has four faculties instead of the eight that a full-size university has. But the number of graduates they receive in the entire year is rather high, which is encouraging.

Then there is Institute of Management and Marketing at JKUAT. This is a big name in the field of education and their main campus is in Indore. This institute is associated with over six thousand students and runs six sigma certification courses as well as regular management courses. They are accredited by the Indian government and they offer around one hundred and sixty graduate jobs a year in the pharmaceutical industry alone. It is easy to see why so many people want to get six sigma certifications here.

The third institute on the list is the Indian Institute of Management. This institute also offers six sigma certification and they have their campus in New Delhi. Their website is impressive as well as their curriculum is impressive. One thing to note about this institute is that it is extremely strict about its six sigma policies and only employees with six sigma backgrounds can work here. Their fees are comparatively higher than the other institutes listed but they definitely offer a higher level of education and their reputation speaks for themselves.

The last six sigma certification institute on the list is ITT Technical college. This is a newer institution and it was established around twenty years ago. The ITT Technical College offers both the six sigma green belt training as well as the normal six sigma black belt training courses. There are over two hundred and fifty students who attend the course each year and many of them take the exams that are offered once a semester as well. The cost of the course is very reasonable as it is less expensive than the others. Students who want to work in IT after completing their six sigma certification training here are even looking at jobs in IT because of the great job opportunities they will have.

These are some of the six sigma certification institute that people should look into. They offer different levels of education so you can choose which one will be perfect for your needs. Some people want more advanced training so they can become an architect or a designer and some just want basic training so they can become an assistant manager at a computer store. Whatever it is that you wish to do, there is sure to be a six sigma certification course that will suit you and your career. You can check out the website for all the information you need.

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