Facts About Six Sigma Black Belt Affidavits

Facts About Six Sigma Black Belt Affidavits

An aspirant for the prestigious six sigma black belt is often required to write a black belt affidavit. The six sigma certification is arguably the most important step in the six sigma process and due to this reason it is extremely important to understand how to write this document successfully. The six sigma black belt affidavit, or affidavit of accomplishment, is submitted along with the six sigma training certification to prove one’s worth as a six sigma trained professional. This certification is proof that the applicant has a working knowledge of the basic methodology and philosophy of six sigma and that they are able to carry out the responsibilities and obligations of such a role. It should be noted that this document is rarely asked for by six sigma companies or recruiters as the requirements of such a role do not typically entail having an affidavit.

Many people ask the question “what does a six sigma black belt affidavit actually entail?” The first thing that should be understood is that this is simply an explanation of what should be written on the document. For example, some six sigma courses will require candidates to list their professional associations and all relevant educational qualifications they have attained. Other six sigma courses will not require any further information on this matter.

Another question often asked is “what do employers look for when hiring personnel to work with six sigma projects?”. Again, as mentioned above, the employers’ primary focus is not so much on the six sigma training which they may require but rather the ability of the person to manage and lead six sigma projects independently and effectively. For this reason, some six sigma courses will not require candidates to submit any further information beyond their six sigma certification. The information that is requested is primarily to ensure that the individual possesses the skills and capabilities to successfully complete the job.

Some companies will also ask potential six sigma candidates to submit a formal six sigma certification. What is typically required of candidates who apply for this certification is some level of training in the relevant subject matter. Candidates who have received six sigma training and are seeking certification are expected to have completed at least 85% of the course work required to qualify for the six sigma certification. Companies who choose to make this requirement of a candidate may do so because they believe that they will be more effective managers if they are formally trained and certified. This type of program is also chosen by smaller organizations that do not have the financial resources required to sponsor a full-fledged Six Sigma Training Academy.

As far as the scope of the six sigma black belt is concerned, it is not set in stone. Some companies will require candidates to undergo a more extensive process to gain six sigma certifications. In these situations, it is not uncommon for companies to interview candidates as a way of determining whether or not they possess the qualities which are required of Six Sigma employees. Candidates who are ultimately selected to sit for an interview are subjected to rigorous questioning and are sometimes asked to show a number of outside projects that they have successfully completed. Candidates who do well in these interviews may then be invited to take part in further interviews. Candidates who do not do well enough may end up being eliminated prior to being properly certified.

A six sigma certification can only be earned after a candidate has successfully completed the six sigma training requirements. The six sigma courses offered by most employers require candidates to successfully complete an internship as well as to successfully complete the black belt training course. These classes may incorporate both classroom and lab activities. It is important for candidates to carefully review the materials provided to them before enrolling in any six sigma training programs. If a candidate finds that a particular course does not adequately address the needs of their employer, they should look for a different provider.

Candidates who decide to earn a six sigma certification can also work towards obtaining a master’s degree in six sigma. Candidates with other interests and backgrounds will likely have more success by pursuing a Master’s degree in six sigma. The Master’s program is usually a year long process and may involve both classroom and lab activities. Once the candidate’s graduate, they will be expected to write a dissertation on a topic related to the Six Sigma discipline.

Candidates who are seeking employment within Six Sigma have a number of job possibilities available to them. Many organizations are now turning to six sigma projects to help them streamline their businesses and make them more time effective. With Six Sigma, the goal is to ensure that the project is done in a timely manner. A six sigma black belt cannot only complete the project but also train his or her employees effectively in the discipline. Organizations that hire for six sigma certification jobs are looking for people who understand the process and have a solid understanding of Six Sigma tools.

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