Cost of Six Sigma Certification

Cost of Six Sigma Certification

Six Sigma is no longer just about attaining the Black Belt certification and neither is it just about passing an examination. It’s a combination of all of those things. It is a process that takes into account all the processes that are required to be implemented in the company to ensure that quality is maintained. The company has to know what the customer requirements are first before making any decisions. This is what six sigma certification cost in Mumbai covers.

A six sigma certified Person will be able to have access to a variety of six sigma training and support material on the internet. He will be well versed with the statistical concepts, he will be familiar with the requirements of the customers and he will have an idea of the business strategy that he has to follow. If the company is large, then the person will need to interact with different department headages so that a proper flow of information can be generated. For him, six sigma implementation will require a lot of time and energy. If the project is small, then the attention will be focused on the requirement and the quality of the output. Either way, if a proper methodology is adopted then six sigma certification costs in Mumbai will be low.

Once the project is implemented, it needs to be monitored regularly. If there is any slippage in the process, then the customer and the other departments will not get the expected output. Therefore, six sigma certification costs in Mumbai covers the hiring of employees who will be monitoring the process so that problems can be addressed early on.

The six sigma methodologies will also be applied at the plant level. The green belt who supervises the whole operation will have to ensure that everything is done properly. He is the one responsible for providing the customers with reports on the progress. If there is any improvement, it should be noted in the report. Six sigma certification costs in Mumbai covers the training of employees as well as hiring of experts who can manage the plant.

Since the plant is very large, there are several supervisors who will have to keep an eye on the entire operation. This makes six sigma certification costs in Mumbai a little bit more expensive because of the number of personnel required. Another factor that makes six sigma certification costs in Mumbai a bit high is the process of distribution of the trained staff to the various locations. Since only few people will be given a specific area, the cost involved in the training will be high. There are also chances of duplication of the processes thus making six sigma certification costs in Mumbai a bit higher.

The cost of the six sigma certifications will also be affected by the certification process itself. Six sigma is a highly sophisticated method and to make it work effectively; considerable amount of time is needed to train the employees. In some cases where the entire staff has to undergo six sigma training, the cost involved may become very high. This will be less likely to happen in small and medium sized enterprises as they are unlikely to have such a large plant in their possession.

Six sigma certification process involves training, which is carried out over a period of time. Once the six sigma process gets completed, the employees do not learn anything new. They know the basic steps involved, but they need to go through a proper training session to make them expert in this field. Once the six sigma certification is awarded to the employees, they need to stay with the organization for at least two years, or else, they are free to choose another line of work.

However, there are organizations offering six sigma certifications in Mumbai, which offer the same service but charge a bit higher price. While you are on a proper search for the six sigma certifications near your locality, you can also look up the internet for the companies offering this course. However, it is recommended that you get the service from a reputed institute so that you can get the best value for money. There are certain things that you should keep in mind while looking out for a six sigma certification near your locality.

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