Choosing a Management and Strategy Institute

Choosing a Management and Strategy Institute

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification is not for everyone. If you are a person who wants to jump right into the middle of implementing Six Sigma or if you are an organization looking to hire a professional to help implement Six Sigma, then you should probably look elsewhere. However, if you are the type of person who wants to get a solid grounding in six sigma principles and methodology before jumping into the deep end, then a Six Sigma Green Belt Certification is for you. A six sigma green belt is an individual with at least five years of hands on training in various aspects of the six sigma methodology. Some people will find that this includes working with a black belt, but that’s not necessary.

You can earn a six sigma green belt certification by attending a management and strategy institute. These types of institutes are typically located within universities or other similar academic institutions. They will teach you the basics of Six Sigma methodology, but won’t provide you with any type of hands on Six Sigma training. It’s up to you to find someone in your organization (or within your company) who is willing to take their current work environment and Six Sigma framework into consideration. With that in mind, there are several institutes that offer complete Six Sigma green belt certification courses, including management and strategy institute, wecker institute, and even candidates’ training.

Most management and strategy institutes will also provide you with an overview of what it means to be a Six Sigma Green Belt. While most people will focus only on the theory behind Six Sigma, a Six Sigma Green Belt offers practitioners and Black Belts alike an excellent method of applying theories into their work environment. This is because a six sigma green belt, just like a black belt, has already undertaken the training necessary to qualify for an organization’s Six Sigma program. As such, the curriculum taught at management and strategy institutes are often quite structured and based on past experiences.

Management and strategy institutes may not require students to undertake a project. The two are not necessarily the same, however. Some institutes may require students to complete a managerial style training course, which can be as short as two weeks, while others require students to complete a longer, more in-depth curriculum. Project training can vary greatly between institutes.

When choosing a management and strategy institute, take into consideration the length of the curriculum. If you need short-term training, look for those that are located within close proximity to your location. For projects lasting months or even years, look for management and strategy institutes that are located in countries or regions where Six Sigma experience is minimal. It may be harder to obtain certification from countries with less Six Sigma experience.

As with most aspects of business, it is important to shop around. Look for management and strategy institutes that offer a variety of training options, including online training. While online training may provide the same information and resources as traditional courses, online training allows you to complete the class and certification process quickly and with minimal stress or anxiety.

Choose an institute that offers a variety of training modules. You’ll want to be able to take the Six Sigma Green Belt test multiple times, so make sure they offer a selection of test subjects. Look for a provider who offers a Six Sigma Black Belt certification in addition to their Six Sigma Green Belt certification. Having the two certifications from the same provider, ensures that employees and leaders are trained from the same sources and have similar experiences.

Finally, ask about the mentors at the management and strategy institute. Do they have working experience with Six Sigma? If so, how? Can they give you specific examples of projects they have successfully completed? The best training cannot be replaced, but good managers and leaders will be able to draw on the experiences of those around them to mentor you.

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