Best University For Lean Six Sigma Certification

Best University For Lean Six Sigma Certification

The Best University for Lean Six Sigma Certification is a very interesting topic these days. I have been following Six Sigma for many years, and from what I have observed, it is not a step-by-step program, but rather a set of methodology that can be applied universally to any organization. Therefore, from a business stand point, the best university for lean Six Sigma is the one that teaches the most and gives the best training and tools to the people who will implement the methodology into their own teams and departments. In addition, I believe that it should be very easy for a Six Sigma Certified professional to go from being an employee with no Six Sigma certification, to being an administrator or leader of a team where he or she is receiving Six Sigma Black Belt training. This makes a lot of sense to me, so I have put together this brief article to help you decide which university is best for you!

When I was looking at the best universities for lean Six Sigma certification, I did not want to limit myself to just one particular university. I wanted a fully accredited institution with a reputation for helping students obtain their Six Sigma Black Belt certification. I realized very quickly that I had made the wrong decision. I went on to find that there are dozens of great universities out there, and I was able to incorporate the University of California – Irvine – School of Professional Studies in my search.

The reason I feel that this is the best university is because of the many courses that are offered and the fact that they have truly stellar teachers who really understand Six Sigma. The professors are some of the most respected professors in the industry. During my research, I discovered that they were ranked as the number one university within the United States by the US News & World Report. This is truly impressive, especially when you consider the worldwide importance of Six Sigma.

Another positive factor that I found about this university is that it has truly earned the respect of the professional world. The best university for Six Sigma Black Belt certification in the country is Fullerton College. This is because of the courses that they offer, which consist of Black Belt training with real world application. They also offer extensive certification programs for professionals who would like to improve their skills and credentials. Some of the best industries that use Six Sigma are automotive, hospitality, finance, and healthcare.

One of the reasons why I believe that the University of California – Irvine is the best university for Six Sigma Black Belt certification is because of the student-faculty ratio. The class sizes are smaller, which allows more individual attention from students. When you take a class that has thirty students, you have thirty people watching you every week. This is a significant advantage when you compare that to a school that has fifty-five to sixty students. You will find that you learn less and that you enjoy your classes more when you have small group interaction.

Another thing that you should take into consideration when choosing a university is whether or not they offer online Six Sigma courses. Online Six Sigma courses are extremely popular for a reason. You can easily take these courses from the comfort of your own home, without having to travel to a college campus. This is a great advantage over traditional classroom training, and is definitely something that you should take into consideration when choosing a school.

The third important factor that I looked at when choosing the best university for Six Sigma was what kind of financial aid programs they have available. Financial aid is necessary, especially for students who cannot afford to go to school full time. Some schools do not offer any financial aid, while others actually require you to have paid up to $1000 in order to be eligible for their financial aid programs. Find out what the financial aid options are at your preferred school before making your decision.

The final piece of information that I looked at closely when choosing the best university for Lean Six Sigma certification was whether or not the school had a presence on the internet. Although many traditional colleges have websites, not all of them do. I like to see a real physical presence on the internet for any business, and certainly for a certification program such as Lean Six Sigma certifications. If a university doesn’t have a presence on the web, that’s a big red flag!

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