Acquire the Necessary Qualifications to Work in the BPO Industry

Acquire the Necessary Qualifications to Work in the BPO Industry

Are you wanting to know how to take my Six Sigma Certification in the Philippines? There is several Six Sigma Training Courses available in the Philippines. Two of them, The Association for Unmanaged Companies and the Institute for Professional Development in Management and Enterprise Solutions, are nationally recognized. There are also local organizations that offer certification programs. Do your research. Learn from the best!

In the Philippines, there is no equivalent to the International Quality Assurance Commission (IPA) or International Standard for Quality (ISQC). Consequently, all Six Sigma training is considered Green Belt Certified. It does not carry the seal of the World Quality Organization (WO) or the United Nations Organization (UNO). If you have a Six Sigma Green Belt Certification, it is of the utmost importance that you take it to the company where you work or apply for a job. It shows your commitment to quality and sets you apart from others.

Many companies in the Philippines offer six sigma training and certification programs. Some of them include the likes of Delft, Toyota and Nissan. Just because they belong to the same industry as you doesn’t mean you can drop it like a hot potato. You need to take it seriously.

Delft University offers an online Master’s program while the University of New York-Hawaii has their Master Certificate in six sigma. Toyota also offers a six sigma coursework and the Hong Kong University of Chinese Medicine offers a six sigma boot camp. You can find a list of institutions offering Six Sigma Training courses in the Internet. Visit their websites and see what they have to offer. The Internet is also a good source to locate local companies that offer six sigma certifications. Inquire if the company you are eyeing has a six sigma certification program in their local area.

Even if you’re not trained in six sigma techniques yourself, you can still participate in company seminars or workshops. If you’re interested, you can even get certified as a trainer. However, to become certified, you’ll need to work for a year in the company. After that, you can take the certification exam, which is available in different formats in different countries. You can check out the requirements and set a date for your examination.

Do your own research about six sigma projects. You can get information on it from the internet, library and from other resources. Read about how the whole process works. If you have the time and energy, you can even go onsite to do assessments and evaluations of project teams. Get a feel of how a group of people work together to deliver quality work. It will be very interesting for you to see a real example of a successful project that was done in your Philippines ateneo project team.

You can start by sending your resume to potential employers or businesses that you want to join. You can send it through the employer’s website. Make sure that your resume is neat and attractive. In addition, you can also send a cover letter, together with a resume. You must try to emphasize your key skills, abilities, and experiences that you can bring to the company.

You can train yourself. There are a number of Six Sigma courses online, where you can study and learn about Six Sigma. There are a lot of institutions offering various Six Sigma courses, so it’s up to you to find the one that will help you achieve your goals. If you live in the Philippines, you can get hold of a Six Sigma certification. You can check out the nearest Six Sigma training center in your area.